Air pollution has become a major concern in most places especially hot areas. But the revolution in air cleaning industry has seen the production of quality air purifiers. These have helped in purification and deodorization of air. Air Purifiers are very fundamental in maintaining favorable conditions among people with medical conditions like asthma. Panasonic has produced a series of quality air purifiers which employ advanced technologies. F-PXH55M Air Purifier is a nano technology based product. This reputable manufacturer has enabled consumers to break away from the traditional HEPA air purifiers. Panasonic has incorporated advanced features to make the best air purifier. F-PXH55M is capable of removing PM2.5 particles and comes with a filter that lasts a decade. It is lightweight and easy to store in small rooms. This affordable unit allows you to solve air pollution problems with ease.


Panasonic F-PXH55M measures only 22 by 11 inches and weighs only 5.8kgs. This allows you to store it in small spaces and move it around easily. This sleek model looks modern and elegant. On the top is a very intuitive control panel which is easy to use. This unit has a lifespan of 10 years making it a much reliable air purifier. It features a child lock system which prevents misuse among your little ones. This unit is designed with a composite air filter containing anti-bacteria enzyme, Super Alleru-buster and Green Tea Catechin.

Smart Technology

The incorporation of advanced purification technology makes F-PXH55M the best air purifier. This unit works on the principles of nano technology. It helps in sterilization of harmful substances like mold and bacteria. This air purifier also helps in achieving deodorization. It creates conditions that are favorable for a hydrated skin.

Panasonic F-PXH55M employs the EcoNavi mechanism to monitor daily applications while memorizing the timeline of pollution levels. This allows the device to start the purification process before conditions become critical. This technology allows you to save up to 50 percent energy. Sleep mode employs a light sensor to detect indoor brightness. It then adjusts the brightness of the indicators and switches air volume. The automatic light sensor dims the control panel and adjusts the speed of the fans. Filter Replace Indicator tells you when filters need replacement.


Panasonic F-PXH55M Air Purifier covers over 450 square feet making it one of the best non-HEPA air purifiers. Nano particles penetrate into your fabrics while inhibiting allergies up to 99 percent. A 3D air circulation purifies both house dust and odor. The sensitivity of the sensors can be changed manually. Turbo mode allows you to operate it more effectively. This special mode allows you to filter out all PM2.5 particles. Spot air mode allows spot air to be adjusted freely for rapid air purification. The lower suction allows purification near the floor. You can obtain up to 8 hours of comfortable sleeping environment using the sleep mode.

This model cleans up air in your room within an hour even when your windows and doors are closed. You have an option of using controlled air flow mode to swing air ducts or placing it in a static spot.This unit memorizes the pollution pattern and then acts automatically. It allows you to eliminate pollutants before they spread in the entire room. The nano particles are well produced between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius and relative humidity between 30 to 85 percent. F-PXH555M is very effective in removing bacteria.

Pros: saves energy, smart technology, highly automated, long life, safe, effective purification, easy to use, modern design
Cons: no digital display, produces ozone gas but negligible, need frequent vacuuming, noisy, expensive.


You don’t have to worry about the size of your room with this unit. It is portable, powerful and reliable air purifier. This model should be on your list when looking for the best air purifier. It is very effective in cutting down PM2.5 levels in your room despite the poor conditions. This model has impressive, customizable and easy to use controls. The only downsides are absence of digital display, ozone production and maintenance. Otherwise, its a great unit especially for people living in areas with high levels of air pollution. F-PXH55A is one of the best non-HEPA air purifies with an extensive coverage and advanced nano technology. It may be expensive but its performance and life is worth the investment.