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Tips to pass the examination with our study materials:

You can learn everything according to your interest. You can apply these learned skills only after passing the examination.

Practice Well:

Students need to practice to pass the examination. You can get the real estate study guide free and try to do the sample tests more in your free time. This will give you more confidence to crack the exam at the final level.

Tick the known answer first:

All the questions will be multiple-choice so choose the correct choice which is easier to answer first. Answer the difficult and unknown questions only after finishing the easier ones. This will give you more time to look at the difficult one and answer them calmly.

Look at the answers to the questions:

While you go through with the test papers on the site, glance at the answers first before selecting the option on the answer sheet. You are watching for keywords and reference words that stand out. If you use exam services like us, you will get the key to the questions clearly which will be more relevant to the subject for the exams. Students usually change their answer when they are not sure about it. If you are not sure about the answer just leave with the old answer ticked.

Take your own time:

The main reason why we are offering the free questions to our users is, many of the students fail to utilize the time given during the examination. You can see the results, the people who finish the exams quickly normally fail. Our practice tests are just to make you get prepared for the exam. Take your own time and finish the exam by utilizing the complete time given to you.

Enjoy the free trial:

  •         Customers can get the free trial for about 10 days before making the purchased login.
  •         Students will get minimum of 10 sample questions with the answers during their trial period.
  •         We also back-up students during the trial period with the quality support from our end.

Once you get complete satisfaction with our free trial, you can move towards to the purchased edition. You will get 250+ questions and answers with the complete real estate study guide free to pass your exam. Pass your Real Estate Exam with Proper Preparation.

How we support the students?

You can get the online support when you have any doubts about the syllabus. When you enter into the site, in the bottom right-end of the site you can see the option to do the live online chat support with our team members to solve your questions. If we are offline, you can leave a message with your email ID and it will be automatically created as a support ticket to us. We will get back to you very soon after looking into your query. We never make our students feel unheard during their study time.