If you are like most Americans, you spend an awful lot of time on your patio, no matter what time of year it is. Of course, you want to do more on your patio than just catch a few rays, you want to entertain guests in a way that will have your parties being the talk of the neighborhood for weekends to come. From artfully arranged furniture to a huge TV holding center stage, read on below for a few tips on how to create an entertainment wonderland on your patio:


Group Carefully

The first thing that you want to think about is the conversations your group will be having. While there will be a party going on, everyone wants a place to sit and just chill once in a while. A well-placed patio set can bring everyone together in ways you never dreamed. Group your tables, couches, and chairs in such a way that everyone is not crowded together but not so far apart that they can’t hear over the music or the TV that is playing.

Sports Galore

Patios are used often during the big games of the season. If you are an avid football fan yourself and don’t want to miss the games on the HD premium sports channels on Sunday, putting a big screen TV on your covered patio is just the ticket. Everyone will be together, instead of some of you being outside and others being inside during the game.

Keep Them Toasty

Of course, guests aren’t going to visit you just during the spring and summer months. There is nothing better than gathering around a fire pit that has been built off to the side of your patio on a crisp autumn evening. If you are having a casual gathering, throw some hot dogs and marshmallows on a stick, roast them over the fire pit, and tell ghost stories under a full moon with music in the background.

Set the Mood

Whether it is the music surrounding the fire pit or a loud rock song to accompany a raucous party, you need to set the mood with a good outdoor sound system. Your speakers are important as well if you want the music to sound amazing in the outdoor atmosphere. Make sure that you choose speakers that are waterproof and put them in prime locations to be heard by all of your guests.

Include an Outdoor Kitchen

Half of the fun of having a gathering on the patio is the food that your guests will share. It would be a shame to miss out on all of the action by being in the kitchen cooking or refilling platters half of the time. That is where building an outdoor kitchen on your patio comes in handy. While you don’t want the kitchen to infringe on your entertainment space, you do want it close enough that it is a part of the party, not just an extension of it. Just as the kitchen is the center of the home, your outdoor kitchen should be the center of the entertainment as well.

When you don’t want your patio to be just a patio: it is time to turn it into something special. From big screen TVs to a kitchen that is the heart of the patio, following these tips will have your patio being the talk of the town after your next get-together.

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