The patio is one of the most popular gathering spots for homeowners who have one. Gathering with friends and family is great, and it’s all the better when you can do it while enjoying some fresh air. That’s why patios have become so popular throughout Australia, especially in Melbourne. However, patios aren’t exactly all weather solutions. They’re more like great gathering spots for cool, breezy days that aren’t too rainy or too cold. To extend the usefulness of their patios and keep enjoying the outdoors, many people add several different features. A roof and perhaps some walls can allow you to relax on your patio while it’s raining outside. If it’s raining and windy, you’ll definitely need some walls on your patio. When winter comes around, you’ll need to figure out some space heaters to keep the room comfortable whatever the temperature.

However, there’s a problem that you’ll run into in all those scenarios. Glass or plexiglass ceilings are some of the most popular for patios; they allow sunlight to come through. However, during the summer, they can get to be extremely hot.

Reducing the Heat

Ironically, the things that you do to keep your outdoor space most comfortable for the winter can also make it unbearable during the summer. A roof, such as a plexiglass roof, that allows sunlight to come through can act like a magnifying glass to channel the sun’s heat. It can get incredibly hot on your patio. Patio blinds in Melbourne cut down on the glare and reduce the heat during the warmer months. They work just like blinds anywhere else in your house. You can open them to let in more light or close them to shut out the light.

Material Choices

Your biggest decision when picking blinds for your patio will be what kind of material you want. You’ll have to choose which features are right for you. The three most common materials are PVC, mesh, and canvas. Canvas is completely sunproof and water resistant. It’s not completely waterproof, but most water will run off the ceiling. Thick canvas blinds can shield your patio from even the brightest sunlight.

Mesh is a much lighter material. It blocks the sunlight without blocking the airflow or retaining water. Mesh blinds allow water to pass through so that it runs off to the ground. Then the air flows through it. That means it’s much less likely to moulder or mildew. Mildew won’t have the dark damp secluded spaces that it likes. Mesh is great for those who don’t want to have a lot of maintenance.

PVC is a completely waterproof material that also blocks the sun. It’s one of the most durable and long-lasting materials, but it will need to be cleaned periodically. Since it is not a very breathable fabric, it could harbour mildew. However, since it’s not very breathable, it will better block the sunlight and heat.

Whichever kind of material you pick for your blinds, you’ll be able to make your patio a much more comfortable and enjoyable space all year round.