Concrete is a mixture of several different substances; mostly, it is sand, aggregate, water, and cement. The cement is used for the base of the concrete and also to bind the other elements together. The sand and the aggregate create density and space in the concrete to determine the specific grade and consistency of the concrete. It is poured as a liquid and allowed to cool and harden. As it cools, it cures so that it will be very durable. During that process, the concrete can be patterned.

Patterned Concrete

Patterned concrete is concrete that is imprinted with a design while it is still wet. This design can make your driveway resemble cobblestone, brick, or even timber. It is a great way to make driveways in Stockton-On-Tees match your home decor. It can also provide some texture and traction to a driveway. That’s especially useful if your driveway is built on a slope. Patterned concrete can be made in many different manners but you need to make sure that it is made by great professionals.

Choose Professionals

There are many companies that claim to make patterned concrete but they do not regularly produce patterned concrete.

  • You need a company that has a history of providing great concrete and the skills to do it for you.
  • You should look through their website to see examples of the great driveways they’ve paved in commercial and domestic settings.
  • If they have done commercial jobs as well as domestic, you know that they’ll be able to provide a driveway for just about any setting.