Houses for sale

It is nice to live close to the countryside. Those people whose jobs take them into city and town centres each day are likely to want a more peaceful environment in which to live. The Internet has allowed good estate agents to market themselves nationwide via their websites and provide a service that will please both buyer and seller. People on the move can search through websites to see what is available within specific price ranges and locations. If you are looking for property close to fields and country lanes, then you can look at your leisure online before ever making contact with an agent to arrange a viewing.

Houses for sale

Housing shortage to address

If you want a rural outlook, then it is worth doing a little research about future development plans. One of the debates that will continue to rage in the coming years will be about the land to be used for residential building. There is a housing shortage in the UK that needs to be reversed, and some are arguing that land that has been designated “green belt” should come under consideration if there is extreme demand in a particular area.

There are regular planning applications for changes of use or the demolition of existing buildings for housing developments. Years ago, a drinks licence was precious; life has changed, and many neighbourhood public houses no longer get sufficient trade to justify staying open. Those licences are being released. Popular residential areas such as the commuter belt around London typify the problem.


At least in the case of the Langenhue Lion, the Colchester Newspaper says that a doctor’s surgery and a chemist’s shop will be part of the new development so that the immediate community of South Colchester will benefit. There is a need for further services close by in an area where houses are being built without any other infrastructure, and certainly a lack of shops here and in surrounding villages.

Houses for sale in Colchester are popular with new buyers looking for facilities and infrastructure. Many people travel into London to work, but there are increasing job opportunities closer to home. There are developments planned throughout the county, including several retail projects, and this means employment opportunities.


While times have been difficult for some estate agents, those with a solid base and a reputation for service over a long period of time will be able to help if you are on the lookout for property. If you are a first-time buyer, your choice will depend on both your deposit and budget. The government initiative to help first-time buyers has helped to get the market moving, but it is still more difficult to get financing than it was in the early years of the century, when property prices were going up relentlessly and mortgages were available on every corner.

Reality has certainly returned to the market, and talking to an established agent will certainly mean you can relax in the knowledge that the advice you will receive comes with the backing of years of satisfied clients.