For the company “Eco-cleaning” responsibility for the safety of the customer’s property when carrying out dry cleaning works is not an empty word. In our material – the history of one order with the fulfillment of our warranty obligations.

Methods of cleaning mattress and furniture

Dry mattress cleaning

Dry method is universal. It is suitable both for cleaning traditional mattress and for products requiring delicate care – silk, woolen, antique and other expensive mattering.

Extractor method of dry cleaning

The application of the extraction method is the most effective way to clean the mattress and upholstered furniture from stains and greasiness. Extraction cleaning allows removing up to 95% of contaminants of various origins.

Tips for caring for mattress and furniture

Cleaning the sofas at home

Keep the sofa clean is important not only for the sake of attractiveness of its appearance, but also for the health of the whole family. In this article, you will learn how to manually remove various soiling from the couch, which cleaning agents can be used, and which ones should be discarded.

Cleaning the mattress with a vacuum cleaner

Following simple cleaning rules for a mattress with a normal vacuum cleaner, you will extend the life of the mattress. At the end of the material, you will find several recipes for the self-made mattress freshener. The use of the mattress cleaning services Singapore happens to be very important here.

Removing stains from the mattress

What should I do if the mattress is stained with chocolate or did you spill wine on it?

Restoring the mattress

In this article, you will learn about simple methods for restoring the color of the mattress, removing dents and burned areas on it.

Cleaning mattress at home

In the case of not severe pollution, you can clean the mattress on your own, without resorting to a cleaning company. Take advantage of some of our tips for cleaning mattress at home.

Cleaning of upholstered furniture at home

How to clean upholstery upholstered furniture without the use of professional chemicals? Read the advice of our experts!

Silk mattress

How to distinguish a real silk mattress from a fake? Is it worthwhile to carry out an independent cleaning of silk mattress? Read our tips for caring for silk mattress.

How to clean the mattress from the wool of pets

The coat of domestic animals can penetrate deeply into the pile of the mattress. In this case, even the most powerful household vacuum cleaner is not able to cope with the task. Then our tips and tools come to the rescue.

Wool mattress

Mattress made of natural wool is always in fashion – ecologically and warmly they have long been a sign of good taste and a luxury item. On how to properly care for these exquisite products, read in our article.

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