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In traditional houses, the sofa belongs in the living room for guests and family members to sit or lie on while enjoying a good programme on TV or a chat and cup of tea. It seems strange at first to put a sofa in your bedroom, but this is one of the newer trends in interior design that produces unexpectedly charming results.

Some people have small apartments with large master bedrooms, while others just want to create a cozy, inviting look in their bedrooms. Placing a sofa in the room is a great way to get attention and offer another lounging space you otherwise might not have considered. Here are some ways you can find the right bedroom sofa.

Think about the purpose of this sofa.

Some people intend to lounge on their bedroom sofa and play video games, watch TV, or read books before bed. Others are looking for an elegant sofa to provide adornment and a classy, yesteryear atmosphere in a formal room. Deciding the purpose of your sofa will help you decide whether you need a small or large sofa, what kind of materials to consider, and what your price range will be. Sofa catalogues can help you look at the different types of sofas available to choose from.

sofa catalogue

Look at the colour scheme in your room.

The best place to start your search is the colour scheme or theme of your bedroom. If you don’t really have a theme in your bedroom, now is the time to pick one. You can always get a slip-cover for your sofa, but it’s easier to choose a material that goes well with your room from the beginning and avoid having to coordinate everything later. Look at the type of material your bed frame or headboard are made from, the other furniture in the room, and the color of any drapes, carpeting, rugs, and bedspreads that you use all year round in your bedroom. Don’t forget to think about spring and winter bedding sets so you don’t wind up having to get a new spring bedding set to match your bright blue sofa!

Consider the size carefully.

Will you have an entire wall to place the sofa against, or will it need to be tucked in a corner? The size of your sofa is important to consider when using a sofa catalogue. A large sofa will require lots of space, or it will dwarf everything else in your room and will just make the whole bedroom look cramped. A sofa that is too small for the space in your room will look like a strange little toy instead of an elegant addition. If you’re good at visualizing, you’re all set, but if you’re not, you can use a tape measure to figure out how much space the sofa will take up.

Choosing the perfect bedroom sofa will make your room look much more cozy and inviting. After all, a sofa next to a bedroom fireplace gives you the perfect place to cuddle and watch films or read books. A sofa that is purely ornamental can fill up a gap in a room and make your room look elegant and classic. Starting with the purpose of your sofa is important as you browse through catalogues to choose just the right bedroom sofa.

Leah Woodward is studying furniture design. She enjoys sharing her tips and insights on various furniture design blogs.

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