When selecting window treatments for your home, you should consider plantation shutters in place of drapes or curtains. You can easily control the amount of light let in a room with plantation shutters, and you can buy them in colours to match your décor. If you are considering plantation shutters, here is some information to help with your decision.

Plantation Shutter Parts

A plantation shutter has three different parts to it.

  • Trim, which is also called Z-moulding
  • Louvers
  • Tilt rod

The Trim

There are two ways to install plantation shutters in Melbourne. You can either have them set within the window frame, which is usually the less expensive option, or you can have them installed over the entire window. The second option is necessary for many newer homes that do not have deep window frames. It is more expensive because a frame has to be constructed over the entire window in order to hang the shutters properly.

The Louvers

The louvers are used to control the amount of light you let into a room and they can give you more privacy. They can be tilted like mini blinds to let in the maximum amount of light while still preventing people from seeing into your home. Most shutter manufacturers offer different-sized louvers, so you can select the ones that will look best for each room.

The Tilt Rod

This usually hangs down from your shutters and controls the opening or closing of the louvers. Some companies make shutters in which the rod is hidden, so it doesn’t detract from the appearance of the shutters.

Plantation Shutter Materials

You can purchase plantation shutters made from three different types of materials for your home:

  • Fauxwood
  • Basswood
  • Aluminium

Fauxwood Shutters

A faux wood plantation shutter gives you the appearance of timber, but they offer better insulation, are water resistant, are more durable and you can install them in your kitchen or bathroom without worrying about warp or rot.

Basswood Shutters

Basswood allows you to have high-quality timber shutters custom-made for your windows. They are offered in painted or varnished finishes, so you can select the look that will go best with your home’s décor.

Aluminium Shutters

Similar to the faux wood, aluminium shutters are more durable than timber shutters and you can select almost any colour you want. They are easy to clean because they are water resistant and you can install them in any room of your home, including the kitchen and the bathroom. If you want to install plantation shutters outdoors to create a private space on your patio or pergola, aluminium shutters are your best choice.

Plantation shutters can be customised to fit any window in your home, or you can have them made to create a private outdoor space for your patio or another outdoor area. Along with privacy, you can close the shutters to help keep your home cooler when they are completely shut. Plantation shutters offer a unique look for your home.