A plasterer is a professional that provides a host of different services to homeowners. Ideally, their job is related to the maintenance and upkeep of the walls in the house. However, most plasterers offer a slew of different services that are essential for homeowners. Here are just some of the different services that they offer.


As you might expect, the main service offered by a plasterer is plastering the walls. After the bricks are laid down and the wall is put up, it’s the plasterer’s job to apply plaster and create a firm surface so that paint can be applied on the walls. Plaster is generally used for making sure that the walls are firm and smooth, but it is also used for improving the integrity of the walls as well. Prices for plastering services will differ depending on the size of the walls to be plastered, so you will need to contact a plasterer to obtain a quote.


Most plasterers in Dagenham also offer painting services. After the plastering work has been completed, the next step is to paint the walls. A simple coat of paint on the walls will be relatively inexpensive. However, most people want a paint job that is unique and stylish, which may cost a bit more. Therefore, the painter will show you a variety of different designs and colours for you to choose from.


Many plasterers also offer carpentry as a side service. Whether you want some wood work done around the place, such as creating a patio or a new deck, you can contact the plasterer for a quote. Most plasterers have plenty of experience in decorating and carpentry, and they can do good work at a very affordable price. You can request quotes to get an idea of the total costs of building a new deck or wooden attachment.