Emergencies happen, and if a plumbing problem is considered an emergency, you need fast service. The company you call should respond to your call within 90 minutes of being contacted. Also, make sure that the contractor provides insured work that comes with a guarantee.

Types of Plumbing Emergencies

Following are some events that can be considered plumbing emergencies:

  • A leaking shower
  • A faulty electric shower
  • A leaking immersion heater
  • Leaking hot water cylinders
  • Burst pipes that are leaking water
  • Blocked sink, bath, toilet, or Saniflo™
  • No hot water
  • Non-working ball valve
  • Non-working stop cock
  • Faulty or leaking taps
  • Non-working shower point

As you can see from the above listing, leaks are definitely an emergency concern if they are no longer small drips. Even if leaks are small, they need to be fixed immediately.

How Moisture Affects Drywall

In a home, the plumbing system typically runs inside the walls. Therefore, you need to contact East Sussex plumbers immediately if you have a leak. Postponing the work can lead to structural damage and decay. For instance, a great many walls are lined with drywall, which is made with limestone. If water comes into contact with the rock, it dissolves the material. In turn, the structural integrity of a home can be destroyed. You will notice cracks in the wall or ceiling if there is a water problem of this type.

Damage to Floorboards

Leaks also cause damage to floors. When water seeps inside the floorboards, it causes them to discolour and rot. In the case of tile, the covering becomes detached from the floor. If you note these incidences in your home, then you need to find the source and call a plumber. An emergency call will resolve the issue quickly and save you on the cost of future repairs.

Taking care of leaks also prevents the growth of mould and mildew. Mould is a type of fungus that thrives in moist conditions and leads to such health problems as breathing difficulties and asthma. The growth can also lead to the rotting of wood so fixing a plumbing leak today can make a difference in what you may spend on more extensive repairs.