In beautiful Denver, Colorado the weather is pretty agreeable year round. The spring brings warm and sunny days on the mountain slopes. It’s dry heat in the summer and comfortable temperatures averaging in the 70s-80s. Autumn days can be crisp and breezy, but full of golden leaves and shimmering sunshine.

Even Denver’s winters are classically sunny and fairly mild. However, the reality is – any winter can be tough on a sprinkler system.

Sprinkler systems need spring and summer maintenance checkups to be maintained throughout the changing seasons, particularly in the spring and fall. If you take care of your sprinkler system properly – it can last you for up to 40 years.

Prior to winter, a sprinkler system needs to be winterized, which means clearing the system of water so that it does not freeze and damage the mechanics and material. Then, once spring rolls around, your system will be de-winterized for the new season.

It’s important to winterize your sprinkler system in the fall prior to the weather getting too chilly. This means you should shut down the water from the system before temperatures get too low and you’re at risk of water freezing overnight.

Winterizing involves clearing all of the water from the system using compressed air. While this is something home and business owners can do themselves, it’s also a service that many Denver sprinkler repair companies are happy to provide as part of their business offerings, including Colorado Sprinkler Service.

However, if the system hasn’t been properly winterized prior to the season, you could be looking at damage post winter.

For example, even if you turned off your system and let it drain out, because pipes don’t always run parallel to the ground, small dips could trap and freeze water over the winter. Even a little bit of ice in one spot could damage your pipes over time.  If a lot of water gets trapped in, it will freeze and expand, causing major destruction to the inside material of the pipes – even worse, your pipes could burst! This kind of damage could potentially cost way more than having a professional winterize your pipes prior to the winter season.

If you don’t know whether any damage has occurred over the winter, but you’re ready to turn your system back on, consider calling out a Denver sprinkler repair professional to de-winterize your sprinklers. This way, if there are any issues, they will be caught and effectively repaired right away.

If you did in fact winterize your system, and you’re ready to start it back up, it’s still our recommendation to call in the same professional service you had shut the system down – it’s just easier that way.

However, if you’re eager to do it yourself, the first step is finding the main sprinkler shut off valve. Some systems require a key to turn this back on. Frequently the shut off valve is in a long irrigation tube near the sprinkler control boxes.

Here are a few tips to remember:

  •      Turn the water on slowly
  •      Give the valve time to pressurize before opening it all the way.
  •      Check individual sprinkler valves one by one to see if there are any leaks in the sprinkler line that need to be repaired


Weather you called in the experts to turn your system back on and check it post winter for repairs, or you reopened the system yourself, you’re now on the way to a beautifully green lawn this spring and summer.  Check out these essential irrigation tips for watering your lawn the perfect way all season.