If you live in Florida, you know how brutal the summers can be. Temperatures can rise into the triple digits and the high humidity just makes it feel hotter. In order to stay safe, make sure your home can handle the heat! There are plenty of simple ways to be ready for the season.

Pamper Your AC

The easiest way to stay cool is to stay indoors. To keep your indoor space cool, an air conditioner or AC is a must! Before you crank it into high gear, make sure to give it a check-up. Test out its highest setting, give it fresh air filters and call a professional if you don’t know what you are doing. Also, have a back-up plan in case it does break down during a scorcher. Have a number like 24 hour ac repair tampa on hand, so you can get your AC back up and running before you break a sweat.

Weatherize Your Home

To keep all that precious conditioned air inside of your home, make sure it is sealed tight. This will help cut down on your energy bill, as well. There are lots of trouble spots that are easy to fortify, if you know where to look. All you need are some caulk and weather stripping to handle most areas- these items can be found at most hardware stores. Again, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, don’t be ashamed to reach out to a professional!

Don’t Forget Your Yard

You won’t want to stay cooped up all summer. How will you manage to get a tan? There are methods to cool down your outdoor space, as well. Umbrellas and large plants can be a cheap way to create shade. If you don’t have a pool, attach a sprinkler to your hose. Running through the spray will make you feel like a kid again. Blow-up kiddie pools can also work as an incredible cool down for your feet while you bask in your lounge chair. Of course, don’t forget to put on plenty of sunscreen.

Heat and sun stroke are only a couple of the health hazards that extreme temperatures can cause. Children and the elderly are especially at risk, so make sure to take precautions to prevent this from happening to your family. Your home is your first line of defense, so make it a priority to stay on top of your summer-time maintenance. If you put in the time before school lets out, you can rest easy all summer long!

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