Anyone looking for a way to enhance their indoor heating for an affordable price needn’t look further than a propane wall heater. These heaters are a great supplementary heat source to the main heating system of a home, utilising propane gas to quickly heat a space for a relatively low cost.

Not only do they efficiently heat a room but they can also help to save money on energy bills, putting less of a reliance on the central heating system, while safety features ensure the heaters are virtually risk-free when used indoors.

For those considering buying a propane wall heater, check out the buying guide below for all the info you need to get the best heater for your home.

Vented or Ventless

There are two options when it comes to a propane wall heater’s ventilation system – vented or ventless. It may seem that a vented option is a no-brainer given the health benefits of removing all gases from your home, but this does come at cost.

For example, because vented propane wall heaters require a vent that connects outside, they often lose heat through the small vents that are attached to the same wall as the heater. So, while it ventilates all noxious gases and removes them from the house, this comes at the cost of heating efficiency, which increases running costs and emissions.

Also, a vented heater requires a much more complex installation, as the vent needs to be connected to wall with a hole big enough for the vent. Some people will need to hire a heating installer to create vent if there isn’t one already, which increases the costs of the heater.

Safety Features

Propane heaters are quite dangerous, especially for homes with pets and young children, so be sure to consider the safety features before buying. A safety guard is a must for any heater, preferably one that has a cool-to-touch feature that avoids the guard overheating even when in use.

Automatic shut-off is another useful safety feature that prevents propane wall heaters from overheating. Without this, the heater runs the risk of catching fire due to overheating, which is risk never worth taking.

Heater Location

Always think about where the heater placement before you buy, otherwise you might purchase a model that isn’t efficient enough for the desired location. Low placement is always better for a propane heater as it ensures the heat rises and provides a consistent and even throughout the room.

Also, you need to consider heater location if using a vented propane wall heater. Because the vent needs to connect to the outside wall, there are fewer options for placement, so bear this in mind when thinking of heater location.

Furthermore, both vented and ventless heaters need to be located near the propane gas tank, which is mounted on an outside wall. Pipes connect the two together, so you need to think about how close the heater and the tank are for ease of installation.