The need for purchasing and installing the best school security system has never been greater. A number of factors go into choosing the best system and then determining who should install that school security system.

Learn about school security system installation Minneapolis St. Paul area information that you should gather to help make sure your school security system meets the needs of the school.

Critical need to install school security system

Recent events jeopardizing safety of students, teachers and administrators demonstrate the clear need for the installation of school security systems. In the 2016 report, School Crime and Safety, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) indicated that the number of schools reporting the use of security cameras increased from 19 percent during the 1999-2000 school year to 75 percent during the 2013-2014 school year.

However, there are considerable differences in the security measures, including security cameras, between specific school levels. In another report, the NCES reported these differences, indicating that a higher number of high schools and combined elementary and secondary schools reportedly used security cameras. While 89 percent of high schools reported the use of security cameras, only 84 percent of middle schools and 67 percent of elementary schools used security cameras. A higher percentage of primary schools utilized controlled access measures, when compared to high schools that controlled access.

While a few individuals sometimes question the use of school security cameras due to privacy concerns, when properly installed, school security cameras work to keep individuals out of schools when a person or persons should not be inside the school or on school property. School security cameras serve as a critical measure of identifying and pinpointing the exact location of an intruder or other danger posed at a school.

Important considerations on school security system installation

When considering school security system installation Minneapolis St. Paul individual needs, understand that the needs of one school district or school are not the same as another school or school district. Therefore, school boards, administrators and building principals must carefully consider the needs of each school and take measures to ensure proper installation of school security systems.

It is imperative to ensure improper installation of school security systems. National School Safety and Security Services makes the statement, “School security cameras have often been at the top of the list as state legislators dish out grant money or local districts throw up some new cameras…” It is critical that schools avoid the idea to simply “Throw up some new cameras…”

One of the most important considerations when making decisions about school security systems is relying on professionals with expertise and experience in school security equipment and installation. School board members likely realize that installation of a school security system is not a place to cut costs.

Rely on professionals to conduct a necessary assessment of each building, explain the use of school security system equipment and then install every component of the school security system to help ensure safety of students, teachers and administrators.