Acacia wood flooring is a form of hardwood flooring that is a durable option for the homeowners who need a cost effective solution with beauty. Acacia wood flooring is the most spectacular option that was difficult to ignore once you see it. For those people who like uniformity in their flooring, the Acacia wood flooring provides the unique appearance and sensuality that is rarely found in other types of flooring products. There is something luxurious about the Acacia wood flooring that sets it apart from other products; acacia wood flooring is right for homeowners for the following reasons.


Acacia is a term that refers to more than 1,200 varieties of tree and shrub species that are native to Australia and Africa but are also grown in parts of Asia, the Pacific Islands, and North America. These varieties grow in the woodlands, rainforests and coastal dunes. The two categories in which Acacia wood is grouped into are large leaf and small leaf Arcadia. It is also known by other names like Acacia wattle or walnut.

Acacia wood flooring is an excellent option for the wet floors because they provide excellent resistance to water. They are also not bothered much by fire or mold due to durability and structure. The Acacia wood is used for a variety of purposes including crafting the durable and attractive wooden flooring, preparing elegant furniture, crafting plates and bowls, preparing string and wind instruments and wood art.

The width range of the plank in Acacia flooring is 3 to 5 inches. The Acacia flooring is also produced in an engineered way; plywood base is also applied in the engineered Acacia flooring. The acacia flooring products are available in wide range of colors; Warranties are as little as five years for cheap acacia laminate to 50 years for solid hardwood flooring. Excellent color choices are available from chocolate brown through rusty reds to off-whites and golden yellows. The distinct textures and patterns make it unique for your dream home.

When compared to maple and oak wood, the Acacia wood is harder and more durable. It does not need instant refining and remains dependable for a large number of years. The maintenance cost is low; just by sweeping or mopping, the acacia flooring is easy to clean without needing special cleaners. The price is also moderate as compared to other types of vinyl plank flooring options; it is also naturally resistant to water or moisture. It can be easily installed above and below the grade. When it comes to sustainability, Acacia is the best choice for homeowners. It is grown widely, and productions require fewer emissions, the wood is perfectly reusable and recyclable.

The installation options depend on the type of acacia product and the manufacturer. It usually comes with the nailing, gluing and floating materials. The length of planks is short, however, therefore owners who want long length planks are not recommended to install Acacia flooring. You can see more acacia wood flooring options here; long planks are not possible with the shrubs and short trees. Sometimes the wood flooring becomes more convenient option and consistent than acacia flooring. It may not appeal to everyone due to its distinctive nature.