induction cooktop

Duxtop induction cooktop countertop burner 7100MC produces energy by making use of induction energy which is supplied directly to the cooking vessel. The burners can adjust it and have sensors that can detect the size of the cooking vessel, and adjust accordingly.

All the benefits of a large multi-hob stove are provided through this Duxtop induction cooktop at the fraction of cost. This electrical device is truly versatile as it can be used by campers, in small apartments, boats and in student dorms. All the functionality of gas and electric cooker are provided by this induction cooktop.

Duxtop 7100MC is good for people who cook rarely or doing it for the first time as it does not provide any problem is searing, steaming, stir-frying and boiling. In case you had been using traditional cooking methods till now or want to have some addition to your cooking needs without spending much money than Duxtop 7100MC is a promising option as it is cost-effective, clean, fast and versatile.

This induction cooktop can be plugged in any standard household outlet as it only used 120 volts, 15 amps of electricity. It is because of this feature it can be used anywhere. It has digital control panel and has built-in count-down digital timer wherein 170 minutes of time can be set. It is compact and lightweight and is easy to handle and to store.

It comes in 10 temperature ranges from 140F to 450F and 10 power levels from 200 – 1300 watts. This means there are enough options to vary the power and to adjust it according to cooking requirements.

induction cooktop


Electricity Failures and no Char Flames

Since Duxtop 7100 MC runs on electricity, so in case there is power outage, it will be of no use to you. Some types of cooking involve charring of food, but due to lack of flame in induction cooktop, food cannot be charred.

Radiation Hazard

It is not yet documented though, but experts believe that induction cooking does pose radiation hazard, particularly for those who are on pacemaker. There is no full proof evidence, but it is a view of experts.

The Cooking vessels

There is limitation of the type of utensils that can be used on it. Before starting to cook on this device, one has to make sure that the utensil to be used is compatible with induction cooking. Duxtop 7100MC comes with a feature in which it does not start cooking and sends a signal that the utensil placed on it is not compatible. Make this beautiful and versatile cooking device a part of your kitchen today.