Summer Escapes Pool Filter


It cannot be disputed that every swimming pool needs to have a filter through which any harmful chemicals, debris and microbes can enter therein and render it unfit for human use. This article will deal especially with Summer Escapes pool filters, giving lists of the major pros and cons to help you decide whether it is worth it to have one installed in your home pool. They are based on reviews taken from all over the Internet.

Summer Escapes Pool Filter


Some of the important pros of Summer Escapes pool filters include:

  • They are very powerful. They use Grime Guard™ Filtration Fabric to trap dirt and grime, leaving your pool sparkling clean.
  • They are easy to install.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • Some companies offer a free beach ball with every purchase!
  • They last more than two weeks longer than Intex brand filters. The latter are really unreliable; one customer found that they were not worthy.
  • The rubber rings at either end make them fit perfectly over the pump.
  • All you have to do to make it fit is to trim out the plastic in the center.
  • You can put one-inch chlorine tablets into the center to purify the water even further. The filter has a basket inside that has been created specifically for the purpose.
  • They can be reused. Some pool owners get just two filters and alternate between them, allowing the one that is not being used time to dry.
  • One packet can last an entire season.
  • They work as well as many other filters that cost much more than they do.
  • Many buyers say that they fit great and that they have never had a problem with them.


Some important cons of filters of this type are:

  • They fit only on pumps made by Summer Escapes.
  • They plug up fast and need to be replaced every two weeks. There is a buyer who found this to be true even when only two or three people actually swim in the pool each day. However, companies that sell them, such as Backyard Ocean, try to compensate for that by selling the cartridges in packs containing either three or six units. “One filter won’t even last a week,” said a buyer.
  • You need to put a number on each of them. One customer ordered a set of them only to find that they were the wrong ones and he ended up sitting with filters that did not work. The company did apologize to him, however, and gave him their customer service number.
  • Another complained that these filters will not work with Intel pools. They are certainly not universal. Summer Escapes has stated explicitly that they do not guarantee that their filters will work with any brand of pool other than their own.
  • Still another reports that the holes are too big to catch even the smallest bugs.
  • They are flimsy and have too few filter elements.

Types of pool cartridges

Summer Escape filters come in three types of cartridges, designated with the letters B thru D. (Type A filters are not available at most stores.) Each is of a different size: Their dimensions, in inches, are 5 × 10, 4.125 × 8 and 4.125 × 3.75 respectively. Each of the cartridges has the form of a paper arranged in folds around a plastic cylinder. Particles that pass through the filter become embedded in those folds. To wash the filter is very simple: You spray between the folds or run water over the filter from a faucet, clean off the plastic and let it dry out.

Summer Escapes filter pumps

Summer Escapes has a line of filter pumps that might be better than any other brand for your home swimming pool. The cartridge is placed inside the pump, whose hose is equipped with water return nozzle that you can adjust to get the optimal amount of water circulation on the return side of your pool as well as a similarly optimal amount of debris strain on the suction side. The pump can clean the pool in two hours!

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