Pitched roofs are great to look at and they provide good protection against rain and now. Most rainy countries are filled with pitched roof mostly because the other option is not as good as a pitched roof for them. The water slides easily from a pitched roof and the view is aesthetically appealing. There are many advantages of installing a pitched roof in your house. Below are some points.


Pitched roof is associated with great style because the view is astonishing. Anyone who never has a pitched roof would long for it because of the visual appeal itself. In modern times the market is filled with so many designs. There are many natural looking slates that would leave you mesmerized. They would of course cost a little extra. A little shape or a little curve can make all the difference in a roof.

Energy Saving:

Pitched roofs are proven to save energy because of their design. They save up to 20-30% energy. Their shape allows air to enter the house in a way that it leaves a very cooling effect in the house for a long time.

Protective against Rain and Snow:

Any country with a high rate of heavy rain and snowfall would install pitched roofs because they can combat again rain and snow very well. They work as a great shield for other natural calamities too.

Additional Space:

Pitched roof has the option of making storage area or another room without installing another floor to your house. Adding another floor would cost much more. The additional space can be used anyway you want.


A pitched roof lasts way longer than a flat roof. Your pitched roof can last you for up to 100 years. Can you imagine one roof lasting a lifetime? Most people do not live till 100 years and your roof would last for such years. The idea itself is crazy, but it is proven to be true. It needs to handles well for it to last that long. Proper maintenance should be done.

Water Direction:

Pitched roof are great for water direction. You can actually direct where the rain water would go. Instead of choosing the gutter, you can choose to save rain water and then reuse it for gardening, washing the car or any other purpose. Rain water is great for health too. By purifying it, you can also drink it and use it in cooking too. You just need to install a good water direction in order to save your rain water.

Installing solar panels:

Pitched roofs are good for installing solar panels too. We know solar panels are a great way of saving energy and minimizing electricity bills. Solar panels are best served when they are installed in an angled way. Pitched roofs have already an angle and therefore installing solar panels on pitched roof becomes much easy as opposed to installing them onto flat roof.

There are many more advantages of a pitched roof and you can hire reliable roofing contractors Ann Arbor for the installation of a pitched roof. They serve great when they are properly maintained.