Wood fired ovens are more popular in Europe than in the United States, mainly because Italians love their pizza and they want authentic, smoky and aromatic pizza every single time. But more and more households in other countries have incorporated this type of oven in their outdoor kitchens due to their versatility and the old-world feel it gives off. Here are other benefits you can get if you opt for a wood fired oven.

Food is cooked faster

Restaurants that use a commercial wood fired oven are able to serve food a lot faster. Customers tend to wait long for their food to be served, as other cooking methods require longer to cook food. With this type of oven, food is cooked much faster, thanks to the high temperatures that it can reach. It only needs to be fired up ahead of time as building a fire is not as fast as cooking the food.

More flavours are added to the food

The wood used in cooking gives a unique aroma, warmth and smoky flavour to food, which cannot be achieved using other cooking methods. The flavour and aroma that are released make the food tastier without adding any other ingredients.

Food is healthier

Less cooking time means that the food loses fewer nutrients too. The vitamins and minerals in each ingredient are retained, thanks to faster cooking time. If you cook the same food using another cooking method, there will be a considerable loss of essential nutrients that the body needs for fuel and strength.

Energy efficient

There is no need to use gas or electricity when using this type of oven. This means that you get to save on your energy consumption. The smoke that the wood emits is also not harmful to the environment as it is naturally sourced.

Contribute to the aesthetics

The benefits of wood fired ovens are not only confined to the food being cooked in them. They also provide a nice look to any yard or open space in a home. This type of oven comes in different designs you can choose that will complement your home. They are also good conversation starters and may even entice your guests to get one for their own home. The many great benefits will offset the cost of buying one.

These benefits can be obtained if you cook using a wood fired oven. Pizza is not the only food you can make in this oven. You can bake bread, roast meat and vegetables and even cook casseroles at lower temperatures. The versatility of this oven and the aesthetic it provides are what entice homeowners to have one in their homes.

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