fragile itemsFragile items, this classification includes such kinds of goods as ceramic, crystal, glassware, as well as the elements of the interior decor that are made of these materials. This list should also include a TV, computers and other home appliances. In case you are about to move, especially on a long distances, you should know all the requirements and safety rules that are connected with the transportation of fragile goods. It is really difficult to transport such items, however, there are some useful tips that may help you reduce the risk of fragile property damage during the moving process.

There is a number of requirements and rules for the packaging and transportation of fragile things, which is necessary to follow in order to ensure their safety and integrity. The transportation of such property must be carried out in a special vehicle that every reliable moving company has at its disposal. The vehicle has a flat floor, covered with a special material in order to prevent boxes that contain fragile items from sliding inside the truck. Loading and unloading works must be carried out by qualified specialists with the use of special equipment.

In order not to be damaged, the fragile items must be packed properly, this requires a special packaging materials that you can purchase in one of the moving companies or in a special store. Such a package is usually made of soft materials. Such materials can almost completely prevent any damage of your property. Air bubble film is one of the most suitable material in this case. This type of package consists of a great number of air bubbles. Another advantage of this type of material is its low cost, which makes it the most popular in use.

One more method that can protect your fragile property from damage is the application of the special symbols on the boxes. It is advisable to mark each box in such a way that everybody understand that it contains a fragile cargo. It is possible to use special labels such as “Do not drop,” or “Caution.” These kinds of marks are designed for movers involved in the loading and unloading process.

Still, sometimes, even proper packing and application of appropriate symbols cannot protect your property from damage. So the best solution, when moving a fragile items from one apartment to another, is to insure such property. It is necessary to find out what warranties the moving company provides if something goes wrong during the transportation. Standard version of the guarantee is a temporary insurance of transported property. It is also necessary to find out what circumstances aren’t included into the insurance. Only a comprehensive approach to the organization of safety measures when transporting fragile items will let deliver the goods to their destination safe and sound. This article provides only general guidelines, more detailed information can be obtained by contacting professional moving companies that will help you choose the right type of packaging materials and pack fragile items properly.