Would you need to think twice if you had to shift base to Pune to study? Absolutely not! Pune being the second largest varsity for education in India, people from all over the country make home here.

Career being a very important aspect in one’s life right from the day we finish our boards and with choices galore , the best of universities and colleges form to make Pune a strong educational hub.

Some concerns do cross our mind about the basics we may need to satisfy our stay in this city, but it’s a living world here and no can go without getting their requirements sorted.

Let’s take a look at what could be some of the basic needs here if we wish to shift base to this Gurukul:

  • Place to stay: The most basic requirement and an important one, I must say! Options hit you from all directions when you start your search. Ranging from 1bhk flat on rent in Pune to studio apartments, paying guests accommodations, hostels, you name it, you get it. Students and bachelors team up here and reduce their cost of living by sharing and making it a fun to be in place at the same time.
  • Transportation: If you already have a place to stay in Pune, then the best is a two wheeler bike ride to and fro to your college. Public transport though not like in other metros has improved a whole lot over the years with strict vigilance and consideration for ladies and children. If you are renting a place then it could be close by and this saves your time.
  • Food: Don’t you worry! Foodies top the chart the here. List is endless.. Price is good. Options of how you can find yourself a healthy and filling meal and economical too are many. Dabba from the aunty in our neighbourhood, online packs, street tapirs, messes and the list goes on… Pune makes you feel at home with varieties of options available and even international cuisines have hit every corner of the city in the restaurants.
  • Classes: You could be caught up for some help with your studies. Renowned classes for coaching and counselling are available in all fields in Pune. Being the educational hub of Maharashtra, coaching business is one that is flourishing here and attracts a lot of student crowd and shows amazing results.
  • Fitness: While you have a daily and packed routine, youngsters today have their way with fitness. Fitness clubs, Gymnasiums, walking plazas, jogging tracks in societies and many such amenities come your way. If nothing, just take a walk down your lane and the pleasant atmosphere welcomes you with early birds smiling past you along with juice stalls to add to the morning freshness.
  • Books and Libraries: A number of libraries to associate yourself with to a calm and noiseless atmosphere for that full concentration needed at least when exams are on the edge! Well known places where books of all varieties are available and sold at second hand prices, rented and bought.

To pen down the list could go a few points ahead. But mainly these requirements suffice and help you to be in a satisfactory regime. In my opinion once you have selected the university and sought your admission there, your start up point should be something like a 1 bhk flat on rent in Pune. It’s the best option as other options like hostel will have their timings and all and may be a restriction to your routine. Following which, all the above other options will soon fall in place once you pick a place to stay. A happy stay and prosperous studying fellows!

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