Quartz countertops are a perennially popular option for kitchen counters, because the durable material is incredibly resilient, is available in a wide range of designs, and is cost competitive compared to other types of natural stone including granite or marble.

But the flexibility of quartz and the sheer number of styles, shapes, and colors means that the choice can sometimes be overwhelming. How should homeowners figure out which type of quartz is going to look right in their kitchens? It’s a major decision because any type of home design project is a significant investment. And quartz lasts a long time, so it’s vital to be completely satisfied with the design before installing the countertops as they’ll be around for years.

Thankfully, there are several novel ways to help designers figure out what might look good in their kitchens before spending a single penny, ensuring the best possible look.

People have long used books featuring different designs to get inspiration for their home projects, and the Top Trends Lookbook on MSIstone.com is no exception. This features gorgeous pictures of the most popular uses of quartz countertops throughout last year. Some of the designs include “subway” style rectangular quartz tile, and examples of how to use various colors of quartz.

Or take a look through their Kitchen Gallery that features a ton of pictures from real homes using quartz in a variety of interesting ways. This can help provide pointers on how best to use the stone, whether it’s for large quartz countertops or smaller features like backsplashes. Whatever the size of the project, there will likely be some guidance within the picture gallery.

For more a technologically advanced approach to previewing the use of quartz counertops in the kitchen, use their Virtual Kitchen Designer. This computer simulation lets homeowners play with whatever size room and whatever type of quartz they can imagine. Try some outlandish ideas to see if they’ll work, or see what subtle changes in the shade of a countertop color might look like. But it’s not just limited to countertops because the program lets designers see how the countertops will look combined with different types of flooring and other features, for endless creative choices.

If homeowners have any doubts about using quartz countertops, there’s also a helpful video that highlights the benefits of the stone, demonstrating quartz’s benefits during baking. It highlights how the stone is resistant to scratching and staining, and is also a breeze to clean with soap and water.

Of course, sometimes the virtual experience isn’t enough and designers want to get their hands on the real thing before deciding that they want to use quartz countertops. If that’s the case, homeowners can simply order a sample of quartz in whatever style and coloring they think might look good in their kitchen. It’s a great way for people to see how the material actually appears in the room.

All of these great tools are perfect for helping to visualize how quartz countertops might look in a kitchen, making a designer’s imagination the only limit for these wonderful features.