Who doesn’t want to get a good night’s sleep?

In an age with so much disagreement and division, few things unite us like the common need to catch a few Z’s. No matter who you are or what you believe, you want a nice, warm, comfy bed in which to sleep. What’s more, you probably also want a bed which is chic and stylish at that. With the rise of interior decorating and DIY culture, bedroom décor is enjoying a huge boom in popularity. With both necessity and fashion on your side, therefore, getting a new bed becomes a certainty.

That said, the question remains—what type of bed should you choose? With the aforementioned boom in the bedroom décor market has come the rise of many different types and styles of beds and bedding. Even so, however, one style remains dominant when it comes to marrying both style and comfort. Beds with iron frames and posts are as popular as ever, and are likely to remain so given their timeless appeal.

Here, then, are just a few things to consider when purchasing an iron bed.

Size and Shape

First things first—just how big of a bed do you want to buy, anyway? It’s safe to say that there are many different sizes and shapes on the market today, ranging from small to Queen and King size options. Choosing the size of your iron bed and bed frame requires considering a few factors, not the least of which is your bedroom décor and how you want your new iron bed to fit into it. Ideally, your bed should be one of the most notable items in the room without taking up so much space that it dominates the area. That being said, comfort comes first, and you obviously want a bed which is big enough for your needs.

Measure how much available room you have in your bedroom and then compare that figure to the size of iron beds and bed frames available.

Iron Finish

An even more décor-related consideration is the look and finish of your iron bed frame. This is your chance to really enhance the aesthetic look and feel of your bed and, in turn, your bedroom. Some of the most popular iron finishes include deep black finishes, beautiful ivory white finishes, and gunmetal finishes which look great when they catch the light just right.

Where to Buy

It’s safe to say that buying a bed—iron or otherwise—is a big purchase. Not only is there a fair amount of expense involved, but you’re liable to be sleeping on this bed for some time to come, and thus want to get this decision right. As such, when looking for the best places featuring iron beds for sale, you ideally want to find outlets which have a long history of customer service excellence and likewise feature an incredible selection of new and classic styles.

These two factors, combined with the finish and size of the bed, can help you sleep in style with the best iron bed options out there today.