Selection of quilts are mainly subjected to weather. In hot summers or in cold winters, the decision of selection is totally based on weather. How would you make selection of your desired bedding fabrics? In order to make right decision you can follow our simple guide.

  1. Batting is the filling of quilts and it may be filled with wool, feathers, cotton, polyester or eco-fill. If its warmth you may choose wool filling which may be heavy and warm. If the temperature is moderate but you still want to wear quilt you can opt for materials recommended for summers usually consisting of light polyester.
  2. Some quilts have no restriction, you can wash them and dry them in a washer. But some quilts can damage if you wash them. Therefore, better to dry clean them. Tips of washing are mentioned on every all bedding products.
  3. If the room gets colder at night due to poor insulation, or if the temperature remains moderate because of proper insulation. If your room is insulated and the whether is not extremely cold then you can for quilts with relatively lighter filling.
  4. Considering few more things, If the room is facilitated with fans or air condition and you can adjust the temperature as desired. In such condition, you can select those which are designed for warm or moderate seasons.

Quilts and it’s cover sets are the main items to consider, if you have allergies or if you need to improve your quality of sleep, choosing the right materials is mandatory.

Synthetic beddings are designed specially for summers. These are lighter in weight and great for those having allergies. Most of the quilts are washable. therefore you can wash them at home and can save money that you would otherwise spend on dry cleaning or buying new one.

Sizes depend upon the size of your bed. In order to avoid hassle measure the size of the bed before buying quilt covers. Remember quilt sizes are generally bigger than the mattress size. Here are some sizes of quilts

Single size 140 x 210 cm

King Single 180 x 210 cm (yes it’s the same as a double!)

Double 180 x 210 cm

Queen 210 x 210 cm

King 240cm x 210 cm

Few more pre-purchase guildlines

Every item have an average life span but its a fact that the life expectancy depends upon the quality of the product and it’s usage. As far as, quilt covers are concerned. generally cheap polyester filled quilts can be used from two to five years. Quilts filled with good quality polyester can be used for more than five years.

Feather quilts have different prices depending upon the type of feathers, if feathers are comparitively rare and expensive then bedding with these feathers are quite expensive and have a life expectancy of more than ten years. Feather quilts need replacement if feathers are sticking out or if there are lighter patches in between the quilt.

Washing a Quilt

Washing a Quilt

Quilts may absorbs dust, sometimes mites and particles of skin are present on it, therefore it is necessary to give it a wash just like any other bedding item. It’s necessary to wash them 2-3 times a year if you are using it regularly. Every quilt is not washable as explained earlier. Read the lable carefully mostly polyester quilts allows washing rather than dry cleaned.

Wool and feather-based beddings will need dry cleaning rather than washing at home. It is recommended to dry clean once you have finished with these products for the season and before you put them away.

GSM and filling

GSM and filling

Warmth of a quilt usually depends upon the thickness and the filling. The thickness is termed as density and is measured by gsm( grams per square metre )

Generally thinner beddings are suitable for warm months (depending upon your room temperature) and in case of excessive filling, the quilts may be suitable for winters. GSM of material filling may vary depending upon the climate. Microfibre quilts ranges from 150-300 gsm are on the lighter side. Quilts suitable for winters are usually in the range of 400-600, in case if it’s the materials is wool and 700-1400 for the feather based materials. Feather can have very similar gsms even if a quilt for winter vs more warmer months because the weight doesn’t change, but the fill type might.

Price and quality of quilts also depend upon Gsm. Usually low priced consists of lower gsm while expensive ones have higher gsm and high quality.