Outdoor Furniture

Just as your face requires a clean-up to glow and look beautiful, your designer outdoor furniture needs a clean-up, too. Cleaning not only removes the dust and dirt but also gives your designer furniture a stylish makeover. If your existing garden furniture is looking dull, it is time to say farewell to dirt, dust, and grime.

You can easily get rid of that dirt and dust that gives a grimy and grungy look to your modern furniture by following these quick and easy tips.

Metallic Furniture

Being prone to rust or oxidation, metallic chairs and tables lose lustre and shine over time. For aluminium with a baked-on enamel finish, remember the surface can scratch so to clean it use a sponge soaked in detergent or an all-purpose non-abrasive cleaning product. Rub, then rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

Below are some tips that you should follow while cleaning your metal garden furniture:

  • A solution of white vinegar and water in equal proportion (1:1 ratio) or a polishing paste for metals should be used to remove grime (if any).
  • Applying soapy water makes it easy to clean metal furniture. Car cleaning solutions can also remove the grime from aluminium furniture.
  • Don’t use alkaline cleaners like Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) and Ammonia as it causes quick oxidation.
  • Any rust or stains can be cleaned with fine-grit sandpaper. Paint it with rust-resistant paint after applying rust-resistant primer.
  • You could sandblast or powder-coat your wrought-iron furniture for more protection in severe cases.
  • One or two coats of car wax after cleaning can also help to protect your tables and chairs; plus bring back the lost lustre.
  • Remove any scratch marks by dampening a soft cloth with a non-abrasive product.

Wooden Furniture

  • Use a sugar soap solution which is warm to clean garden furniture with a scrubbing brush.
  • For stubborn dirt, use a brush to remove as much as possible, and add oxygenated bleach i.e. Oxi-Clean or Jomax solution to water, scrub the furniture and then rinse off.
  • 1 cup each of any household bleach and washing powder in half a bucket of water can help to remove any mildew on your garden furniture. Soak the furniture in the bleach solution for no longer than 5 minutes. Hose the solution off, which should remove the mildew, mould and moss from your furnishings.
  • Using too much water pressure from a Gerni can ruin the wood. Rather, a garden hose can be used to rinse off the dirt and dust.
  • Applying oil or sealants can make the furniture go black and will make it difficult to remove the dirt. It leads to a change in the texture of the wood and will require frequent maintenance. If the tables and chairs are exposed to grime beyond 10 years, then oil or sealants can be applied.

Teak Furniture

Teak is a little bit resistant to dirt, dust and grime, and so it requires less maintenance in comparison to wooden furniture. But still, like others, teak furniture needs its fair share of care and maintenance:

  • Hosing off the furniture with plain water is enough to remove the dirt from your teak furniture.
  • Soft sponge, warm soapy water plus a non-abrasive cloth can remove dirt and bird droppings.
  • Frequent cleaning of teak furniture depends on the amount of dirt on your furniture. So, once a week cleaning is sufficient.
  • It is usually not a good idea to apply teak oil to protect your teak furniture, but once, you have applied the teak oil, you need to continue the oiling for the protection of your garden furniture.

Plastic Furniture

Dirty outdoor furniture made of plastic can surely not a good sight. Here are some tips for a clean-up of your plastic outdoor furniture:

  • Wipe and hose your furniture with a mixture of a litre of warm water mixed with 50 mL of vinegar. It will bring back the lost shine.
  • Stubborn stains can be wiped off by applying bicarbonate of soda on a sponge and then using it to wipe the furniture.
  • Polish the furniture with WD-40, as soon as the furniture is dry.
  • Car wax, like in the case of metal furniture, can also be used to give a layer of protection to your modern outdoor furniture.

Regular cleaning your garden furniture not only removes the dirt and stains but also restores back the original shine and lustre. Since prevention is better than cure, it is advisable to prevent your furniture from dirt and stains in the first place.  Cover up your furniture when not in use – another great way to protect it.