Realtors, Property Managers and Property Owners are Often Faced with the Scary Reality of Cleaning Up After the Previous Tenants

If you’re a realtor, homeowner or property manager, you are familiar with that sinking feeling in your stomach. It occurs every time you go to a property and see the old tenants left all their junk when they moved out.

You can roll up your sleeves, get down to the nitty-gritty and spend hours trolling through someone else’s old junk, trash, appliances, and furniture; and while you’re at it, maybe even agitate that old back injury loading your friend’s trailer full of junk and then you might give yourself an ulcer worrying about whether or not the landfill will accept all the crap you’re trying to get rid of. You know in a couple of weeks you’ll have it all cleared out and you can finally get to work trying to sell or rent the property.

Sound familiar? We know it does. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

How to Quickly Clean Out a Rental or Real Estate Property

Property trash out should not be a DIY job. Realtors and property managers are not junk removers; focus on the job at hand, selling or renting property, and let our skilled and prepared junk experts take on the job of site clean up.

The next time your gut rolls over at the site of a junk-filled property, know there is an easier and cheaper solution than doing it yourself. Make the better choice and hire professional to do that job. A junk removal service, or hauling company, knows all about clearing out junk. They have the equipment to haul it, no borrowing your buddy’s trailer for the week. Hauling companies have the manpower, so you don’t have to lay any guilt trips to get your friends and family to help or waste valuable resource by assigning it to employees. Additionally, they know what goes where, which items must be recycled, what can be donated and what should be thrown away.

Most of these companies can tackle anything you throw at them, from remodeling debris to clearing out abandoned homes – taking small loads, old appliances, full truckloads, even heavy equipment. Need to prep a property for the market but all the old appliance are in the way? You can’t take them to the landfill, some of them contain toxic chemicals that must be removed, but a junk removal company is in the businesses of clearing them out and seeing that they are properly recycled.

Don’t risk injuring yourself or your employees. Don’t bug your friends by borrowing their truck and trailer.

Bottom line: there are no new renters moving in as long as that mess is around. Vacancy periods equal no income. You can speed up the turnover time by using a junk removal service that will help you get the property back into marketable condition. Then you can get started on your real work.

Life is better without junk.