water tanks

Rain water tanks are a common site on many residential and commercial landscapes in this part of the world, and most people think little of their water tanks until they need to purchase a new one. If we have a piece of land that we plan to build on, water tanks are often one of the first purchases we think of, and these days there are numerous companies that provide durable and long-lasting water tanks that even come in various sizes and colours. Researching them on the Internet is an excellent idea because the companies’ sites will give you all of the information you need to make the right decision.

water tanks

All Types of Tanks Are Available

Whether you need a commercial, residential, or rural water tank, companies that make this product offer high-quality water tanks at reasonable prices. Most water tanks are made by name-brand companies and their capacity ranges from 26,000 litres to 260,000 litres for rural and domestic tanks and up to 2.2 million litres for commercial water tanks. They are usually made with liners that have five layers of reinforced food-grade polyethylene, and are extremely strong and long-lasting. They can withstand the sometimes harsh weather conditions experienced in this part of the world and come in colours that will complement the look of your outdoor area. Colours include various shades of grey, brown, and even green, so the tank should match any home or office it is located near.

In addition, standard features for most water tanks in Perth include scouring drains, a lockable access hatch, steel corrugated wall and roof sheets, removable ladders, and warranties of up to 20 years. The tank liners, in particular, are extremely important because if you get the wrong one, your water can taste bad and even become unhealthy to drink. If you decide to research different companies that provide water tanks, it is highly recommended that you ask about their tank liners and make sure they are well-made and durable. Tank liners should have multiple layers, be a food-grade material, and be UV treated, all of which make the liners safe and effective as well as long-lasting.

Finding Out More About Water Tanks

Water tanks can also be researched online, through company websites, and on sites that have general information about this product. Most companies offer regular maintenance of the water tank you choose and will come out every five years or so to inspect it and make sure its liner is still working correctly, which is vital if you want your water tank to keep working well. In addition, most company websites will include information such as size specifications, testimonials from other clients, details on the installation process for both domestic and commercial tanks, detailed information on the liners, and an easy way to get a free no-obligation quote. Since water tanks are so common and are needed in almost every facility and home, doing your due diligence to find the best company to accommodate your needs is an excellent idea and one that will help you make the right decision in the end.