Ever wondered how you can dress up your home uniquely? Ladies, let’s start with your “Queendom”- the kitchen. Set up your kitchen in class with a touch of vintage. If you agree that going retro is going classy, then retro toasters are something you surely need to have in your kitchen.

Who doesn’t like some toast and eggs? It’s one of the most common names in all of our breakfast lists. Hence, getting a toaster that goes well with the style of your kitchen without compromising on the quality of the product is a must.

History of toasters

Toasters were first built by General Electric in1909 which worked on electricity and were designed to meet domestic needs. Later, a mechanic from Minnesota, Charles Strite created an easy-to-use toaster which could be used in restaurants as well. He received the patent for the slice toaster in 1921 and started a company, Waters-Genter to manufacture them.

Through the ages, toasters have evolved in terms of design, electricity consumption, and the extent to which a slice of bread it can toast. In 1930, the Continental Baking Company started producing sliced bread rather than solid loafs and as its demand grew Strite’s slice toaster also became a huge hit.

Toasters that had cost $25 in 1930 became much cheaper and affordable by the time it was 1960. From a luxury, toasters became a member of every household. This was also the time when new compactly designed toasters came into being.

Different colours and designs gained popularity during different time periods. Avocado and harvest gold were the most popular colours in 1970s. People started getting customized toasters that complimented their kitchen.

The toasters which could toast two slices of bread at a time later on came with wider slots so that items like bagels and thicker slices of bread could be toasted in them. The outside of the toaster was then built with heat-resistant plastic to reduce weight and cost of production. This made it easier for families to afford them or toasters with 4 and 6 slots as well.

Even though today we get toasters in a variety of colours and shapes, going back to the models that formed the stepping stones for toasters into fame is surely something unique.

People wouldn’t dedicate enough time to go around searching for retro products and might chose the easier way of buying a simple one that is easily available. But if you’re a person interested in bringing your own spark into everything you arrange, having a retro style kitchen is going to make you happy.

Where to go looking for retro kitchen products?

Not just retro toasters, but going retro will bring in front you a variety of choices from salt & pepper shakers to “Fresh Eggs” metal signs. Everything that reminds you of the 50s and 60s and brings that nostalgic feeling to everyone who enters your kitchen is available in the market today.

Today, you can buy anything and everything on the internet. There are websites like http://www.thekitchenportal.com where you can buy retro kitchen toasters and other appliances.

These websites chose products of various brands, analyse them carefully or maybe use it on a trial basis and gives you the best ones. Thereby, making your search easier.