RV’s Interior

The interior of your RV can start to feel old and drab after a while. Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can create a new and exciting look without spending a fortune. A few simple updates and switch outs is all it takes, so take this advice from The Foam Factory and give your RV a facelift.

RV’s Interior

The Bedroom

Just like in a full size house, the bedroom is the easiest and most affordable room to change in an RV. Purchasing new RV bedding will instantly change the feel of the room. You can select anything from soft, country designs to sleek, contemporary fashions. Add matching sheets, pillow shams, and throw pillows for interest as well as comfort. Switch out the window treatments to something in a coordinating color scheme.

The Kitchen

The kitchen and eating area of an RV are the main focal point when it comes to décor. Don’t feel limited by how it looks now. The walls and cabinets can be painted to add a pop of color to what might feel like a closed in space. The camper cushions on the seats can be switched to a matching pattern, and adding a small, non-breakable centerpiece to the table will make it feel complete.

Living Area

The living are is usually attached to the kitchen and serves double duty as a sleeping are and family room. Purchase new RV cushions for the sofa that will be comfortable while extending your new color scheme found in the kitchen. Throw pillows will add texture and pattern to the space.