The time has finally come for you to consider getting a new roof, and there are many different materials from which to choose as you get ready for such a project. First, be sure to contact your home insurance provider to ensure you are covered for some or even all of the replacement cost. Although not all situations are covered under such a policy, it could be that the damage to your roof is such that is provided for under your insurance.

Once you know whether or not you are paying the cost out of pocket, the next step is to consider what material to use for the project. Standard asphalt shingles are beneficial in many ways and are common for most homes, but it may be time for you to consider a more durable and cost-effective solution. Metal roofs are slowly becoming more popular among homeowners nowadays. The many benefits and advantages associated with the material will make it clear why this is the case.

Weather Resistance                         

Without exception, metal roofing materials in Melbourne are more durable than any other type of roofing material and are by far more weather resistant. This substance can resist damage due to hail; is less likely to be damaged by strong winds; and will not crack, peel, break down, or fade due to intense sun exposure. Asphalt is notorious for not being able to withstand the more intense months of summer, especially when temperatures can reach 30 degrees before the end of morning on a summer day.

From severe wind to freeze-thaw cycles, your metal roof will hold up for years and years without any visible signs of trouble. In addition, metal roofing materials repel pests and are exceptionally beneficial when combined with rainwater capture systems since water cannot be absorbed into the material. Combining rainwater harvesting with your metal roofing system should significantly increase your annual stockpile of rainwater for the dryer months during the year.


Compared to absolutely any other type of roofing material, metal will hold up longer with fewer maintenance requirements. Due to their rigidity and durability, metal roofs will last for decades longer than other options, and it is not unusual for you to find a home with a metal roof first installed over 50 years ago. For this reason alone, it is the most cost-effective option to choose metal over other roofing material.

Light Weight

For most, the word “metal” is often synonymous with the word “heavy”, but this is not always the case. Metal roofing is exceptionally lightweight, and is by far the lightest material you could possibly put on your roofing system. This lightweight nature will ensure you have a lower risk of structural damage due to weight on your roof, and will be strong enough to stand up to nearly anything, regardless of the intensity.

Getting a new metal roof will offer a wide range of benefits. Not only will you see these benefits right away, but your home will also look amazing from the moment installation is complete.