It is important to have plumbing problems fixed immediately or things will take a nosedive in no time. However, it is always better to have plumbing inspections performed regularly to identify and fix issues before they become serious. You can hire a plumbing company with knowledge and experience to have your plumbing system examined carefully. These inspections can identify leaks and obstacles in water flow and give you a heads-up.  Here is what you should expect your plumbing mechanic to examine when you call them for plumbing inspections:

  • They should carefully inspect everything in your toilets. It is important to check every commode and ensure that they are in perfect condition. An experienced plumber will understand the importance of inspecting the shut off valve and the supply line. They should also be inspecting the flapper and flush valve along with the ballcock. A simple flush test is usually enough to tell an experienced plumber about any potential problem.
  • They should inspect the sinks. A professional plumbing inspector is going to check the bathroom, kitchen, and even garage sinks to ensure they are working properly. They will check the shut-off valves and supply lines along with the waste lines. They should be checking every faucet for leaks and drains for clogs. They should examine and confirm that disposal mechanisms are working fine too.
  • They should inspect bathtubs and shower. While you may think that bathtub and shower are less likely to have serious issues, a professional plumber knows they cannot leave these areas unchecked. Both tubs and showers can have leakages and there may be problems with the drains and faucets, as well as the showerhead. Ensure that your plumber checks these areas and inform you,if any potential problem here.
  • They should check the water heater. Only a professional plumber can inspect your water heater properly. This is an important inspection to make because if there is an issue, it will reflect on your utility bill. They should be checking shut off and pressure relief valves along with the gas and/or electrical valve connections. They should also be checking the heater for temperature and corrosion, as well as tank capacity. It is equally important to check the strength of the burner and flue pipe.
  • They should check your dryer set up as well. If you have a dryer or washer setup, it is important that your plumber check them well. Your water and sump pump should also undergo the inspection.

It certainly makes sense to hire a plumbing inspection company to check if every pipe, sink, supply line, water heater, bathtub, and the complete drain system is in good working order. Some plumbing issues are quite obvious, but others are not. That is when you can hire home plumbing inspectors to guide you in the right direction. However, you should also bear in mind that plumbing inspections are also important to ensure that all your plumbing and site services comply with the building laws and are installed under permit. This technical advice can save you from dealing with several complications later. So, be sure to have your plumbing system inspected to avoid potential problems.

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