Hand shuting faucet. Saving water concept

A burst pipe in the middle of the night can flood your kitchen or basement in a matter of moments but you may not realise that it has happened right away. The lack of water pressure when turning on a tap may be the first indication of a broken water pipe. However, a burst water pipe isn’t the only reason that the water pressure could be low.

Constricted Water Pipes

If your home has hard water, then your water lines can have mineral buildup that can slow the flow of water. Mineral and rust buildup can cause low water pressure so water trickles out of the taps or shower and your toilet doesn’t fully flush. A plumber can either clean out the pipes to get water flowing freely again or may suggest replacing old metal pipes with new ones that don’t corrode or allow minerals to stick to them.

Leaking Pipes

Along with a burst pipe, leaking water pipes can also cause the water pressure to be lower. If there isn’t any sign of flooding that would indicate a broken water pipe, then you may need to contact local plumbers in Saint Leonards-on-Sea to inspect the pipes for leaks. If they find a leak, they can repair it or replace the connections if they are corroded or cross-threaded and cannot be repaired.

Water Supply Issues

Sometimes a low water pressure issue is due to problems with the city water supply. A main may have broken or repairs may be scheduled for your area. If there doesn’t seem to be any problems within your home, call the local water department to find out if there is a local water emergency.

If your low water pressure is caused by corroded pipes or a broken water line, an experienced plumber can quickly get your water flowing again.