Public places like office buildings are highly vulnerable to burglar attacks and theft attempts. It could be someone external or even someone internal who can attempt to steal office merchandise and IT equipment. To protect the office items from these internal and external thieves, it is good to invest on wireless camera for office. That will not only protect the office against probable burglary or theft attempts, but has many other benefits as well.

Benefits of using security cameras in office

There are many direct and indirect benefits of installing security cameras in office. These are:

  • You can keep an eye on the valuables of the office. This would include expensive merchandise, IT equipment like laptops, components of desktop computers, memory chips, USB drives, CD or DVDs etc.
  • You can also keep a watch on all the employees and see if they are showing any negligence towards their work or not.
  • You can also keep a check on unauthorised entry of people in the office premises
  • It will ensure that people do not bring in unauthorised storage material like pen drives, CDs or DVDs, inside the office premises
  • It will also help in investigating matters of theft, sexual harassment, insubordination or late coming in office.
  • It will keep the employees at their toes always as they would know that they are being watched by their supervisors all the time.

Benefits of using wireless cameras

When you think of security cameras for CP Plus clients or other offices, the first thing that comes to your mind is those bulky CCTVs which were fixed at the entrances and in the major areas of the office. While they did a good job all these years, but the time to change them has come. Here are some disadvantages of the CCTV or the yesteryears which are covered by the wireless cameras of the current days.

  • Complicated installation – It takes a long time for the wired CCTV cameras to get installed. The wireless cameras, on the other hand, takes minutes to get installed and can be done by any one even without much technical knowhow.
  • Expensive installation – It is not just the camera that you have to spend your money on. You will have to spend extra money on other requisites like wires, tools for fittings etc. You will also have to pay the installation charges separately to the technician who would install and look after the maintenance of the cameras. Wireless cameras do not have any such requirements. All they need is a screwdriver to get fixed at the place you want to install them.
  • Not mobile – The wired cameras are highly immobile. If you want to change their positions, you will have to spend extra for re-wiring and setting them up at the new place. Wireless cameras are highly mobile. If you wish to alter their positions, all you have to do is pick them up from their old position and install them at the new place.
  • Does not cover every cornerThe wired CCTV cameras cannot cover every corner of the office as they have space limitations. The wireless units, on the other hand, get installed in the tightest corners and keep a full watch on every inch of office space relentlessly.