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At a time of year when temperatures drop dramatically, and millions of people all over the world are looking for innovative ways to keep their homes warm without having to spend thousands on increased heating bills, some are more successful than others at achieving their goals. This is the reason why I thought it would be appropriate for me to write an article highlighting some of the most fruitful techniques. You see; it’s not always about adding more heat to the home, sometimes you can create the illusion of warmth, and as our human brains can be tricked using methods like this, they’re just as impressive.

So, you probably want me to get straight into the advice, right? We’ll, I’ll get to that in a moment, but just before I do I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Christmas and brilliant new year. Most of us thought 2013 was going to be as depressing as the previous year, however, things have picked up considerably, so there’s a lot to celebrate over the festive period, and I hope you’ll all engage accordingly.

Anyway, here are some cool techniques for creating a warm feel in your home…

Buy Thick Red Curtains

This might sound like a bit of an odd idea, but for whatever reason, most of us tend to associate red with heat, and so having some thick curtains of this colour up at your windows can make a world of difference. Obviously, the thickness of the material is likely to help you retain natural heat too, so everyone’s a winner.

Buy Fireplace Glass

As most modern properties are built without working chimneys nowadays, it can be a little difficult to create the same aesthetic our ancestors were so fond of – but don’t worry, it’s not impossible. A simple Google search should provide you with lots of retailers who sell fireplace glass (most of which also have lines in tempered glass, perfect for cabinets etc), and these products are usually the best way of creating a cool fire indoors. Just take a moment to check some of them out, and I’m certain you’ll be in agreement.

Buy Warm Looking Pictures

Again, as it’s so easy to trick the human brain into thinking it’s a little warmer than it really is, placing festive artwork and pictures around your home can be a brilliant way of making the place seem hotter. Ideally, you should go for images of people sitting around fireplaces or wearing thick jumpers. I know this sounds silly, and you might not believe it will work, but it does, so try it out.

If you’ve managed to follow all my advice and now have an incredibly warm-looking home, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to cut back on heating bills considerably this December and moving forward into January. One last word of warning though; you might not want to overdo things; otherwise it could be extremely difficult to get rid of the family after dinner when all you want to do is have a little sleep.

Have a great time!

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