Whether you have a new home or a fixer upper that you have just bought, installing Fanco Fan is a must. Among all those appliances which are a part of regular home needs, ceiling fan is one of them.

It is a smart thought to install a ceiling fan in each and every room for different reasons. For instance, if the home you are in does not have central air or heat, it can provide a good level of comfort by blowing the air both up and down, keeping up consistent temperatures. Additionally by having them in each room, it can add a considerable amount to your home.

No matter, what is the reason to put these in your home, let’s have a look on some of the crucial factors you should consider before buying ceiling fan for your home.

Factors to Consider

  • No. of Blades

The best features of the ceiling fan rely on what numbers of blades are used. Those that have 5 fan blades will create the most air, and are utilized as a part of bigger rooms. Those that have three are commonly decorative more than they are practical. The presence of ceiling fans has a considerable measure to do with regardless of whether they will offer, and may likewise add to the value that you pay at a nearby home improvement store.


  • Select on the basis of room size and fan size

The size of the room that you are getting the fan for can have a considerable measure to do with the one that you pick. Rooms that are under 250 square feet should have small size fans, ideally with three smaller fan blades, giving a lot of wind and freedom space. Bigger ones that have four or five fan blades, particularly if they are extremely long, should be in rooms that are more than 250 square feet, and if the room is more than 1000 square feet, they can actually be placed in close proximity to augment their utilization.


  • Choosing the best ceiling height for fan installations

All the ceiling fans should be at least 7 feet over the ground, and no nearer than 18 inches from the walls. If it is an angled ceiling, the ceiling fan should be 8 feet over the ground as well as 9 feet if you are working with a vaulted roof.


  • Selecting the best material for fan blades

The kind of material that you utilized for the fan blades will basically rely upon what you are attempting to accomplish. If you are buying them based upon the cost, then they can be made of plastic as this is the least expensive material that you can utilize.  If you are searching for something that will be rich, then you should choose hardwood that will look extravagant. There are different alternatives, for example, plywood which could be utilized in an exterior house.

Different options incorporate aluminum or stainless steel, something that is intended for homes that utilization perhaps a modern design or if they are in close proximity to wrought iron railings.


Once you have made these considerations, it is easy for you to select the best ceiling for your homes. Ceiling fans are available in various designs that are attractive and magnificent. You can buy ceiling fan online in Singapore and in your budget.