Are you planning to upgrade your home? Now, most homeowners are often in a dilemma on whether to opt for a remodeling project or a whole new construction when it comes to updating their homes. It’s natural that you too are contemplating this age-old question. Well, there is no definite answer to the dilemma. At times, remodeling is a smarter idea while sometimes a complete new custom construction is the best track. It all depends on the needs, budget and affordability of the homeowner.

Let’s see when remodeling would be a better option and when a complete new custom construction would be the best idea for you.

How long would you be staying in the home for?

Do you have plans to sell off your home in future? Or you wish to pass on the house as a prized legacy to your sons and grandsons? There is no point in building an out an out new construction if you are not going to live there for more than 7-8 years. Remodeling is anyday a more economical and judicious solution here. It would enable you to enjoy an upgraded home for the time being and would also fetch you a higher price when you plan to sell it.

But if you want to stay and grow your family in your home, it’s natural that would want a house that would duly reflect your tastes and lifestyle. In that case, a new construction would be great to carry forward your legacy.

How much upgradation would you need?

Would you need a few upgradations like another couple of rooms or a spa in your bathroom? Do you just need to change the flooring? Well, in such situations remodeling would be the best idea. For more space, you can even get another story for your property. However, if you need extensive upgradation, it’s better to go for a new construction.

Moreover, simple remodel won’t work when you want comprehensive green upgradations like-

  • More roof space for solar panels
  • Space for alternative power facilities like geothermal power incorporation for HVAC
  • Incorporation of “living roof”

How much time can you afford?

Both remodeling and new construction would create disruption in your regular life for a certain time period. The question is, for how long would you be able to afford such disruptions? A remodeling project will take anything like 2 weeks to 10 weeks, depending on the nature of the job. On the other hand, a new construction would take no less than 6 months. A custom home would take  even longer. So, calculate beforehand the timeframe before deciding on the upgradation.

How much are you ready to shell out?

A remodeling project would usually cost less compared to a new home construction. However, at times extensive remodeling jobs can amount to almost the same cost of building a new home. In that case, it’s always smarter to plunge into a new home construction.

It’s not everyday that you go for a home remodeling or a whole new construction of your dream home. So, calculate your needs and affordability prior to landing up with the big decision.

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