Upgrading your home can do more than just magnify your pleasure during the time you live there; it can also add potential resale value when home buyers are looking at your home. While some trends have given way to more modern ways of remodeling your home, there is something special and unique about a home remodel that is classic and elegant. Here are five tips to bring elegance to your home.


Homeowners love beautiful and big kitchens. To really make your kitchen stand out with elegance, consider installing stainless steel appliances. Not only are the appliances more desirable by potential home buyers, but they are also typically easier to clean for home owners. Another remodel for your kitchen is to install marble counter tops. While pricey, marble counter tops add class and elegance to an entire kitchen, as well as increase the resale value and desirability of a home. Marble counter tops look even better if the home has an island for food preparation and cooking meals. The final thing you can do to remodel your kitchen elegantly is to consider installing cabinets with contrasting handle colors. This means that for lighter cabinets, consider a brushed steel handle, and vice versa.


A bathroom is going to be a necessary part of a home remodel to make your home look more elegant. In order to achieve this look, consider installing ceiling lights or lights to the side of your mirror(s). This theme will stray away from the spotlights that can be found in many modern homes. Another option to upgrade your bath is to install a large Victorian-style bath; or if you’re short on space, consider a bath with feet that rest on the bathroom floor, rather than those that are molded into the surface. Compliment your bathroom with dark colored towels and you will have an elegant look while you are getting ready for your day.

Living Room

A living room is a gathering place for friends and family. That said, you can remodel the living room to bring out the elegance of your home. To do this, consider adding couches and accessories that are more traditional. This includes solid prints and deep, dark colors. Another option for your living room is the addition of a fireplace with a detailed mantel, which is sure to wow your visitors and guests.

Dining Room

A dinning room can add flair and elegance to a home, especially during family dinners or holiday events. The best additions you can add to your dining room include overly large tables and chairs that fit all of your guests and more food than they could ever eat; as well as chandeliers that set the mood for the meal. Minimal reconstruction is needed to upgrade your dining room, but you can sure make a difference with adding some new furniture. And while you’re wondering what to do with your old furniture, you can store it in Sacramento CA storage units, which are perfect for those in California.


Bedrooms can also be upgraded with minimal remodeling but with instead a few new furniture pieces. This includes lavish and large beds, with bed frames with poles and even canopies. Furthermore, bedding with tassels and deep colored patters add comfort and elegance to your bedroom.

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