Your kitchen and bathrooms are perhaps the two most frequented rooms in your house. Many people spend hours in their kitchens trying out new dishes, cleaning, and having mealtimes. The average kitchen generally has countertops, some basic appliances, and storage cabinets. However, due to excessive use, the kitchen counters may need to be replaced. You may even need to renovate the whole space after a few years.  Nobody likes stains on the kitchen walls or scratches on the counters. If the wood on the storage cabinets has begun to chip off, your kitchen might be in need of a proper overhaul.

If you want to renovate your kitchen, there are several different ways that you can begin. The most convenient option is to hire an interior designer in Thailand to help you out. The designer will show you a series of different pre-designed kitchens and help you make a decision. However, the interior designer will charge more money for their services. You’ll need to factor in the designer’s fee, as well as the cost the materials and furniture that the designer chooses. Ideally, you will need to give a specific budget to the designer. They will make recommendations based on your specified budget.

Choosing the Countertops

The first decision that you need to make is related to the countertops. Countertops are essential in any kitchen. Not only can they be used for keeping appliances on the top, but the cabinets and drawers underneath store essentials such as cutlery and cutting boards. Counter space is extremely important so that your kitchen remains free of clutter, and so that you have plenty of space to enjoy cooking.

Countertops can be made from several materials, depending on your taste and budget. Conventional countertops are made from Thai marble, which is sturdy and reliable. However, granite is also a popular choice amongst homeowners in well-off neighborhoods such as Hua Hin and places such as Pattaya. Granite countertops must be sealed on an annual basis. Because of the unique appearance of this stone, no two granite countertops are alike. Compared to marble, granite is a bit more expensive.

The Flooring

Ideally, the kitchen flooring needs to be easy to clean. That is why you will notice that most kitchen floors are made out of marble or tile. Wooden kitchen floors are also available, though they must be sealed properly before they are walked on. Liquids on the floor might cause it to stain. If the wood floor is properly sealed, however, the liquid won’t be able to seep into the surface.


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