Moving home, relocating abroad or simply travelling around the world are often amazing and very much justified reasons for using self storage, but when it comes to renovating your home, then self storage is another, often overlooked, must have requirement and can take away some of the hassle that building work can bring.

Renovating your home, extending your property or adding a loft extension often means a lot of hassle, a lot of dirt, a lot of inconvenience and a lot of unseen issues that really can cause problems for families, especially those with young children. It is bad enough as adults that your home is turned upside down, full of noise, dust and many tradespeople getting on with their job, but if you have kids, it becomes so much harder as they just do not understand what is going on and the boundaries, and the urge to touch things or try to “help” is second nature and often of course, flawed to say the least.

Self storage is the perfect solution when updating, changing or improving your property, as put simply, it takes away a lot of the issues that come with such a big project. Your furniture is protected, your personal items are safe, and you can trust that your home is no longer a target if you are spending some time away whilst the work is completed. Put simply, for the sake of a couple months’ storage unit hire, you could be making your life so much easier.

Here are just a few reasons why it really can work.


All of your possessions, all of your furniture, all of your things that you just do not want to get damaged, put them into self storage and you know they are safe and out of the way of harm and security issues. If your home is left empty whilst you are staying away then it makes total sense that your most valuable items should be placed away securely, which is where a storage unit really can come into play.


If you have just spent £2,000 on a new sofa, then the last thing you want to see is it get damaged by the kids walking in the dirt and then sitting down, leaving your new three-piece suite with damage that cannot be repaired and looking awful. You can hire a storage unit to meet your exact requirements, then employ the services of a removal company and off you go, then when your house project is complete, you reverse the process and you end up with your items back in perfect condition.

Hassle Free

The worry of your furniture and belongings getting damaged is always going to be on your mind, as no matter how well you protect your items, there is always the chance of damage occurring. Put simply, using a storage unit to store most of your household goods away removes any worry and any stress, as you know that they will come out as good as the day they went in, with no damage, no marks and above all, no worries or stress.

This article has been provided by the team at Thornbury Self Storage, offering local storage for domestic and business customers in Bristol, Gloucester, the Forest of Dean and South Wales, with a range of units to cover all sizes and requirements.