How much of an update makes sense for your home? Should you simply choose a few quick and easy changes, or should you really get in, gut rooms out and rebuild from scratch? The choice between renovating and remodeling is a difficult one, and it can even be hard to find an opinion that you can trust — many contractors will give you an answer that’s in their best interests, rather than one that’s right for you.

A number of considerations apply.

How long do you plan to stay?

Remodels are no small matter. Projects can be a huge hassle for homeowners to live through, not to mention a huge expense, even with the most conscientious, dependable and expert contractors. According to Cornerstone Builders of Fort Myers, FL, it may not make sense to begin shopping for a renovation contractor if you believe that you may move, in only a couple of years. If you believe that you will get to enjoy the results of your labor for between five and ten years afterwards, however, a remodel is likely to be worthwhile.

How bad is the house look to begin?

If you don’t want to remodel because you may move before long, you still need to think about how saleable your home is. If everything from your home’s curb appeal to its interiors is problematic and will positively repel potential buyers, you will need to invest in some remodeling. You need to not get carried away, however. Not every remodel is capable of raising a home’s sale price.

Do you have a distinctive remodeling idea in mind?

Some kinds of remodel make a home more salable than others. Contractors usually tell homeowners that replacing dated bathrooms and kitchens comes with a great return on investment, and it’s true. There are other kinds of project that work very well, too. In general, remodel ideas that give a home its own distinctive appeal can greatly help its sales potential. A whirlpool in the bathroom, an outdoor kitchen, a pool and other ideas, can draw buyers to a home that otherwise lacks character.

What are the other homes on the street like?

A remodel may be essential if your home notably lacks a quality or feature that every other home in the neighborhood possesses — such as a third bathroom or energy-efficient windows.

A remodel can be a wonderful thing if you’re going to be around to enjoy the fruits of your labor, or it could help you make a sale. In every other case, a renovation or update may be all you need. These tend to bebudget-friendly, and are still able to make a home feel fresher and better.