Sash windows are a feature that are still found on many period properties, although some property owners have replaced them with modern PVC windows in the past. Whether you have existing but old and tired sash windows, or you have PVC windows and want to bring your property back to its former, period glory, having replacement sash windows is one of the most effective ways to enjoy an authentic looking period property. What’s more, modern sash windows are energy efficient, secure, safe, and they come in a variety of designs and configurations so that you can enjoy any style and any look from your windows.

 If you are replacing modern windows with sash windows, then you should first consider the style and layout of window that you want. A sash window will normally have two panes of glass, one top of the other. Each pane has smaller panes, which are called lights, and these come in almost any configuration you want. Traditional designs include two over two and six over six designs, dependent on the period that you are trying to replicate. An experienced installation company will be able to inform you of the appropriate layout for the period of your property, or you can opt for the design that you prefer.

 Replacing existing sash windows means that you can enjoy improved energy efficiency. Glazing standards have improved considerably, even over the past 20 years. When you consider that many timber sash windows last for 50 years or more, the energy efficiency improvements gained from replacing old sash windows can be considerable; not least because of the replacement of single glazed panes with double or triple glazed panes.

 The wood itself, and the manufacturing techniques used to create the frames, have also advanced in recent years. Modern manufacturers use hardwood from sustainable sources, and they use secure fittings and components that not only ensure the longevity of the windows, but they also ensure the safety and security of your property. Replacing old windows means that you can enjoy a safer and more secure living environment.

 All of these improvements to the components that are used, mean that you can enjoy considerable energy savings. Cold air is prevented from passing through the windows, while the hot air inside your property is not allowed to escape. This means that you will spend less on energy, and you will also use less energy. Whether you want to reduce your annual energy spend, or you want to do your bit for the environment by using less energy for heating, replacing your existing sash windows is one way to help achieve this.

 Modern windows and glazing are much better quality than those from 50 years ago. Replacing your sash windows with new timber sash windows means that you can continue to enjoy windows that are in keeping with your property design, and it also means that you can reduce your energy consumption and energy spend, while benefiting from the latest manufacturing and installation techniques.

 The Original Box Sash Windows Company can manufacture and install timber sash windows according to your specifications. Replace exiting windows with modern alternatives, reduce your energy spend, and enjoy beautiful looking windows in your home.