The garden that is an extension of your home has a huge effect on the home design and it talks about your preferences as well as style. It is therefore a reflection of your personality; thus people put a lot of pains in garden décor. You don’t need to spend high amounts in order to be able to beautify your outdoors.

Outdoor décor tends to be expensive and therefore it is always a good idea to repurpose things that are available in your home and re use it in your garden. A beautiful bowl if you purchase from the home department in a store will cost much less than purchasing it from the garden department. Thus, all you need is some presence of mind and a lot of creativity so as to completely transform the way your garden looks, with minimal cost. Grab a few things from the inside and recreate it for a new look.

You can transform any concave into a planter such as buckets, large bowls, tubs etc. You can put in large house plants into such objects and place them in the garden. Although this is an excellent idea, remember to dwell upon drainage. Root rot is common in plants unless there is a way to drain out the excessive water. For this purpose, you may drill holes in the objects. 1 hole every four inch of area is the usual norm. Make sure that the holes are at least half an inch wide so as to avoid clogging of debris and dirt.

If you have old indoor furniture lying about and you don’t know what to do, you can always use it for an outdoor setting; just a few modifications are needed. You cannot have an upholstered furniture piece in the garden as it may seem out of place, instead a wood or wicker furniture item would be appropriate. Plastic or metal furniture are apt for outdoor settings as they can be used in every season. In order to ensure that your furniture lasts for a long time, you can upholster it using materials that will resist mold and mildew growth. A canvas-like material which is easily available in the market is a good choice for this purpose. When it comes to wooden furniture, you can always give a varnish coat or rub tung oil which will defend it from moisture. Powder coating is usually done on metal furniture so as to protect it. Plastic furniture does not need any treatment as it can withstand all weathers.

You can also use little trinkets in home successfully to decorate your garden. For example, mirrors can be placed near the fence or fairytale figurines can be used sparingly in the garden as a decorative ornament. If placed tactfully, even old sculptures look amazing.

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