A report on Financial Times in 2014 says that over 68% of sampled warehouse managers are not confident about their storage and shipping processes. The main problem cited across board is the issue of space utilization. In fact, most complain that available packaging and shipping containers are ineffective and they contribute to reduced productivity.

Timely Storage Solution

If you are among these managers who feel that their storage and shipping processes are not optimal, it is time to assess the value of collapsible containers for your operations. These have been around for some time but today they are more refined, which means they use even less space and can be applied to different uses.

Collapsible containers are money savers for every warehouse owner because the freed space can be used for other purposes.  They are also reusable meaning your shipping costs will also go down. This economic payback is something every manufacturer is looking for and SSI collapsible containers from Schaefer Systems International, Inc. provide you with exactly this.

Specialized SSI Collapsible Containers

The company offers different types of products to suit every industry. These highly specialized containers include:

  1. FK Collapsible Containers: This range of bins is made of propylene and is ideal for minimal space storage. There are 7 sizes, four height and 4 footprints to choose from and an added lid option. They are available in blue and grey and an integral label holder is provided if space allows. They latch safely to protect your goods and they are not only recyclable, but also durable and easy to maintain.
  2. CF collapsible bins: They are made of high density propylene and are lightweight and sturdy to carry multiple types of goods. They are 100% recyclable and you will get 2 year warranty on the product. They are considered the premium range in SSI collapsible bins and they are compatible with 48″ × 45″systems in the market. They have attached lids and ergonomically fitted pocket handles. They are also designed to prevent misalignment during shipment. In essence, they are created with the highest level of safety and security in mind.
  3. ECO-TECH™ Collapsible Containers: This is another patented range of SSI collapsible containers allowing 80% saving on space. They feature ergonomic handles, safety lock opening systems, smooth inner walls for enhanced capacity and sturdy construction. They are compatible with automated systems which is a clear indication they are strong enough to protect your products.

How then do you choose the ideal container for your warehouse? This will depend on the products you are shipping. Some of them are ideal for sturdy walls to avoid damage during bumpy transporting processes. The type of handling to be used in the warehouse is also important.

You need to check whether handles are well placed to make it easy to load the container. It is also important to consider the pallets being used before selecting a specific size of collapsible box. If you require container labeling, you will have to go with FK containers which allow for labels.

Every company has unique needs and it is important to contact the manufacturer in order to discuss your unique needs.