As much as we might like to think the opposite, our homes and offices are not immune to pests such as rats, mice, and insects. While we are used to the appearance of a stray cockroach here and there on our kitchen floors and in our office lunch rooms, the problem is that the appearance of one pest usually means that there are more in hiding!

Knowing When You Have a Pest Problem

Recognising the signs of a pest problem in the home or office is not always easy. By their natures, most pests hide away from prying eyes, setting up shop in the darkest corners out of sight. So, how do we know when to call in certified pest control services in Cornwall to come and take a look? Here are some signs that you might need to callout pest control:

  • Visual: One of the biggest signs of a pest problem in the home or office is when you see the pests themselves. Seeing a mouse scuttle across the kitchen floor is a sure sign that one has a vermin problem. Likewise, seeing a cockroach run under the fridge often means that there are many more hiding under floorboards or elsewhere out of plain sight.
  • Organic debris: Pests like mice and rats leave trails of their faeces on their running tracks. One of the biggest problems is that around 1 in 3 field mice have a virus that can be transmitted to humans through their excrement.

Call in the Experts

If you do have a pest problem, don’t leave it to chance. Call in the pest control experts to evaluate the problem and do their job.


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