roller blinds

Many homes around the world have roller blinds fitted whereas other properties can have curtains. Although there are many pros to choosing curtains, blinds are a more viable option. Here are the many reasons that explain why blinds should be chosen instead of curtains:

roller blinds

Less space is taken up

In smaller properties, curtains can look out of place in a compact living room. Even in larger family homes, curtains can look unsightly because of their size. However, blinds are smaller in comparison. Even when blinds are pulled down, they don’t take up a lot of space. In studio apartments, blinds are very popular because spare space is at a minimum and there simply isn’t enough room to hang curtains.


As families around the world are looking to cut money wherever they can, this is possible with blinds. The cost of having curtains fitted for a smaller window can still be much more than blinds. Although some curtain retailers can offer discounts, they are still more expensive in comparison. One blind can fill a large window whereas many pairs of curtains might be required instead. If a homeowner doesn’t want to exceed their budget, they should choose blinds because not as many of them are required.

Easier to clean

A property of any size has to be cleaned. Even if someone lives on their own, a lot of time is spent on cleaning their home every week. When curtains are hung, more dust will collect. The opposite happens with blinds because as little dust as possible gathers. Furthermore, it’s easier to clean blinds than curtains and it is also cheaper. This is because a roller blind doesn’t have to be dry cleaned as curtains have to. To clean a roller blind, take them out from a roller and soak them in a bathtub or a bucket. After, hang them out to dry. Instead of paying an expensive dry cleaning bill, all that a homeowner has to fork out for refreshing their blinds is the cost of a couple of litres of water and some washing up liquid.

Heat retention

A roller blind can help to keep a room warmer during the winter. By retaining heat, blinds prevent cold air from coming into a room. If a homeowner wants to reduce their energy bills, they can by choosing a roller blind. In fact, they will soon notice how little their bills are soon after a roller blind has been fitted.

Reduced chance of mould building up

Mould can happen in any property, such as in basement flats because they are more susceptible to mildew. If the windows in a basement flat have curtains, the moisture which comes into a room can collect on curtains. However, the opposite happens with blinds. Although mould can still gather, there is a smaller chance of there being as much. Even if mould does collect on roller blinds, it is easier to remove them. If blinds do have mould, gloves should be worn. This is because bacteria are prevented from entering a person’s fingers and causing inflammation.