The roof is the protector of all things domestic, and we sometimes take it for granted that this protection will be ongoing, yet with the British weather throwing everything it can muster, the roof takes an incredible amount of punishment. Traditionally, spring is the time to undertake any roof repairs, as the winter will have taken its toll, and a visual inspection will reveal any defective or dislodged roof tiles. Here is some useful information to help you keep your roof in good shape.

Online Solutions

If you are in the UK, sourcing reliable services is a breeze with your local online directory. Simply type in your required service and your location, and whether you are looking for roof repairs in London or plumbing in Croydon, your local online directory will have the listings of the best companies, and all local too. By dealing with local companies, you are supporting your local community, and the chances of hiring the wrong company are drastically reduced, as the local tradesman would have a reputation to uphold.

Visual Inspections

Your roof is prone to many things, and a visual inspection is recommended at least twice a year, or after a heavy storm. This is an ideal time to clean out the guttering and downpipes, as leaves and small branches will no doubt impeded the flow. Once a blockage takes hold, the next time you have heavy rain, the water will not be able to run along the guttering and will overflow onto the walls, and this can cause extensive damage.

Immediate Repairs

Roof defects must be addressed immediately, and any tiles that are broken or missing should be replaced without delay. If rainwater is allowed to seep into the roof, it will damage the roof joists and rafters, and this can be a costly thing to fix. A timely response to any small repairs will ensure that damage is kept to a minimum, and the roof isn’t a place for an inexperienced person to be climbing around, which is why it is best to call in the experts. Your local online directory is the ideal way to source any essential services, and by entering your location, only nearby contractors will show up on the search.


This is a cost effective way to repair a roof that has been severely damaged, and the existing roof is utilised as much as possible, which helps keep costs to a minimum. You might want to ask a few contractors for their opinion, as often a small repair will suffice. If the roofing contractor recommends a reroof, then you can change the colour of the tiles and give your home a new look. The ideal contractor would be accredited and also be fully insured, should anything go wrong, and with an established local company, you can ask for references and take a look at some examples of their work before committing to anything.

Roof maintenance is an essential part of keeping the home in good order, and by using your local online directory, you can quickly source a reliable contractor who will carry out the necessary repairs at a reasonable cost.