If you do a little digging into this question, you’ll come across the rule of “25-30 year”. When it comes to replacing the roof, this rule comes in handy. Most of the residential roofs need to be replaced within this window. This figure is indeed a benchmark but there are many other variables which affect the roofing life.

Since every roof isn’t the same and it goes through a lot of wear and tear every year, the need of the hour is to have a look at the factors and warning signs which best answer this question.

When it comes to factors, there might be many i.e. local weather conditions, the age of the material, quality of the material, maintenance & care, design & building, minor repairs, and the list goes on.

However, to be able to know if you need the roof to be replaced or not, there are warning signs which you should be aware of.

  • Missing and Cracked Shingles

The common issue with the roof is that it is out of sight. That’s why people usually don’t take a good look at it unless there are clear red flags shown.

Old and cracked shingles are very easy to search and can be fixed at the spot. Moreover, the missing shingles may sound like a little issue, but they might turn out to be the huge destruction in the coming time. However, larger areas of loose and cracked shingles indicate clearly that your roof needs to be replaced.

  • Curled Shingles, Bald & Dark Spots

Shingles can be curled in various ways which indicate a lot of underlying problems and reasons. While the bald spots mean that particles of the roofs have started to fall off. It would expose the underneath material.

A little tip for that is to watch out for the particles in the gutters. If they are continuously being flowed away with the rain, it is a clear indication that your roof might need the replacement any time sooner.

However, dark spots are not strictly associated with the need for replacement. But these are caused by a fungus which can be spread away and cause damage to the roof in years yet to come.

  • Sunlight Lurking Inside

Can you find the spots on your roof from where the sunlight is lurking inside? If yes, it’s the right time to take help from some reliable Macomb County roofers instead of waiting for the roof to get leaked. They would help you in avoiding the costly roof repairs by carrying out proper roof inspection.

  • Increased Energy Costs

Are you noticing the change in your cooling and heating costs while the rates and your monthly usage are still the same? If it’s a yes, it means that the issue lies under the poor insulation and ventilation in the loft. It causes your system to run unnecessarily throughout the year.

If you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above, your roof definitely needs to be replaced by a certified roofing contractor.