Janapriya Metropolis

One of the biggest deterrents of investing in a new project is the apprehension about safety. A number of people believe that new projects usually do not have as many occupants as a regular housing society in the beginning and therefore the levels of safety are drastically reduced. An additional aspect related to safety is the availability of day to day resources like grocery, open air environment and water supply. If such resources are scant, then there runs a risk of an unhealthy lifestyle. This is something that a lot of builders have forgotten about in the past. These were also the builders who suffered the most during the recession of the property sector.

Now the real estate markets have shifted in favour of the buyers. Builders are increasingly focussing on the needs of the buyers and the new projects that are being unveiled are not merely offering houses. They are offering a lifestyle as well. One such project that hogs the limelight in terms of lifestyle is the Japapriya Metropolis.

Janapriya Metropolis

What sets Janapriya Metropolis Apart?

Soon after the recession, two distinct demands for residential properties emerged. The domestic market wanted affordable homes with ample amenities and the high end buyers wanted luxury housing. The latter is almost invariably out of the reach of most buyers; particularly those from the middle and lower income groups. Affordable housing demands attention to detail because the project has to have a low cost without giving up on the utilities.

This is where Janapriya’s Metropolis succeeds. The project is being developed by Janapriya Engineers Syndicate, one of the oldest builder firms in Hyderabad. These builders have considerable experience in the development of commercial as well as residential properties. Therefore their Metropolis offering is not merely utilitarian. It offers economical homes which allows one to lead the much sought after urban lifestyle.

Currently under development in Moti Nagar, this project offers 2 and 3 BHK apartments whose starting price is Rs. 21 lacs. This is one of the most competitive costs in affordable housing across the country.

How does Metropolis address overall safety?

The Janapriya apartments in Hyderabad from Metropolis projects address all safety concerns mentioned earlier. The project is being developed on Ashok Marg and comprises of five residential buildings. The design has been executed using earthquake resistant RCC framed structure. The builders have ensured that there is no dearth of utilities and therefore an ATM as well as a utility shop has been established i the complex. Ample space has been allotted in the premises for play area, swimming pool and gymnasium.

The apartments have floor area ranging from 600 square feet to 1200 square feet approximately. There are two variants of the 2 BHK offerings and 3 variants of 3 BHK houses. Intercom and gas lines come inbuilt. The best part about the project is that it will allow possession immediately. Therefore the safety concerns arising out of being alone in an apartment complex are also minimized. As a result of these features and facilities, Janapriya Metropolis is a sure winner.

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