My father sent me an old AC a few days back. After a few weeks, the AC’s cooling system started malfunctioning. I tried calling the Samsung service center and explained them the prevailing situation. The Samsung professional arrived and fixed the AC, but after a few days, it started malfunctioning again. I called up the service center again for the help, but this time their response was lukewarm and non-responsive. In desperation, I decided to void my warranty and hire local professionals to do the repair.

I tried searching for the best Samsung AC service in Delhi, but my search did not yield results. Most of the professionals I was looking to hire did not repair this particular Samsung AC model, while others charged a hefty amount for home calling and they were not willing to travel a large distance to come at my home in Green Park, New Delhi. After hours of searching, I gave up on my search.

UrbanClap brought new life to my appliance

I got to know about UrbanClap through an old school friend of mine. I pulled out my smartphone and in seconds was on the Google PlayStore, downloading the app. It took me a few seconds to download the app. But before I could search for the best Samsung AC service in Delhi, I was asked for my current location. They too asked me to get registered on the app. I decided to register myself on to the app by signing up using my Gmail. Within minutes I was registered, and I was on my way to proceed with my search.

Finding what I was looking for was never this easy

I searched for the best Samsung AC service in Delhi, and I was guided through an easy step by step to fill out the specifics of my required service. They asked me information about the type and number of ACs requiring servicing, type of service required (repair, service, installation, and uninstallation). Each of these services had a fixed charge. After clicking on next, I was asked to fill in my address and the date and time of the required service. In the end, I was redirected to a payment portal so that I could choose to pay the entire amount via credit/debit card or net banking. I also had the option of paying the entire amount after the service was done in cash or online. I chose to pay in cash.

On the day of the scheduled servicing, I was notified of the name of the professional who will be coming to my house to fix my AC. He arrived promptly at my doorstep. After brief formal introductions, he quickly started analyzing the AC for faults and defects. I must say, he was completely dedicated towards his job and work ethics, and he worked with passion and perseverance. The manner in which he handled his communication and work was highly appreciative.

In about an hour, he was successful in fixing the cooling system of the AC. I was happy with this, and for my reassurance, the professional told me that if the AC malfunctioned again within 30 days, he and his team would fix my AC for free. I paid him the entire amount shown to me on the app during the time of the booking. He thanked me and bid him farewell. I took a sigh of relief while I relaxed under my AC.

Why should you ask for UrbanClap?

It has been three months now, and the AC hasn’t malfunctioned or even hassled for even one bit. Mr. Raja’s word remained true. I would like to thank him for an excellent job and would give him 5 stars for his work ethics and honesty. He is highly recommended to anyone in the Delhi area looking to get your Samsung appliances repaired with quality work assurance and economical budget.

I would also like to thank UrbanClap for providing this great online platform where users can hire local professionals for blue collar jobs without much trouble. Everything from searching for the professional to the booking was smooth and efficient. The quality and reliability of the professionals on this are really appreciable. I have continued using UrbanClap to get all my blue collar service needs fulfilled in a professional way.